Days Off

Well, it’s been two days that I’ve stayed home instead of going to school. My main reason is because I came to school on the first two days this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) and most of my friends didn’t come either and also there were NO SUBJECTS taught. The teachers actually came, but they had things related to our finale grade’s report. So, they were just busy with it. Despite that situations, we, the students, still must come to school. That’s just silly, I think.

I went to school this Tuesday with a thought that the second semester was gonna be started just like what the gossip spread among the students. That day, more than half of my classmates came, too. So, it wasn’t very quiet I guess. However, like I said, there weren’t any subjects taught *mixed feelings between happy (cos I didn’t have to study) and bored (cos I couldn’t go home either)*. I wanted not to come the next day, but my mum said that there was a possibility that the teachers would come teaching on Tuesday. I was like, “Okay then, but if I come and the situation is exactly like today, I won’t come on Thursday and Friday.” My mum fortunately agreed.

I came to school on Wednesday; the situation actually got WORSE! There were only 11 people in my class. It was exactly only one-fourth of my classmates came. Fortunately, I brought my laptop and DVDs in order to survive in that boring situation like the day before. Me and some of my classmates even had a plan of ‘escaping’ from school by making fake letters so that we could go home earlier. But, we cancelled that thinking of the risks and etc. And we decided to wait until the school’s time was over. Thank Lord, I survived that day, a ‘lil bit better than the day before actually. Without thinking twice, I came home and decided to take days off lol. It was a very good decision I guess, because I really do need DAYS OFF! I really do need a sleeping-beauty 🙂

Well, these two days off have been filled just by sitting in front of my laptop; surfing the web, watching some DVDs, listening to music in my iTunes, downloading some songs, writing this new blog, blahblahblah. Bored, yeah, but this is what I want, not the feeling bored thing, but just staying at home and feeling absolutely relaxed. Well tomorrow I have plans (finally, phew!), in the morning I’m gonna go to Ratu Plaza (maybe) to repair my PC and in the evening I’m gonna go to my mate’s 17th b’day party. Hopefully, tomorrow’s gonna be fun.


Aldhin xx


4 Comments on “Days Off”

  1. muhremantra says:

    may I continue your story?
    OK then. I went to school again to check the situation. Alas, the situation got WORST than before. There are only 7 people attending my class. But my neighbor, Science G, got worse situation than me. There are only 5 students inside that class. Haha…

  2. Aldhin says:

    Hahaha. Thanks for viewing my blog, Kak MP hehe. It means a lot. Keep visiting 🙂

  3. mark says:

    did u repair ur pc?

    • Aldhin says:

      Mark: Well, I was overslept today, so I’m a bit lazy to have it repaired. I’ll do it laters. It’s just a tiny problem, its graphic card thing. hehe. Thanks for viewing and commenting. Keep visitng : )

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