Twilight: Everyone Loves It; Me?

Too late to write it actually, but like I care. Hehe.

I’m sure that MANY people have seen Twilight movie or have read the series. And they’ve watched it with many various reasons, but mostly their reasons are because they really like the story OR they just want to see the most gorgeous vampire ever a.k.a Robert Pattinson (they say) OR even both.

Not long ago, I asked my elder female cousin who has watched it.

Me: You’ve watched Twilight, right? How was it?

She: It was GREAAAAAT!!! Especially that Robert Pattinson. Bite me, Cullen!!! Arrrrggghhh!!!

Me: Well, um, okay then. You are so Pattinson-ised. Haha. Anyways, how long was the movie? As long as Harry Potter?

She: Gosh, it felt so short, but endless. I was like dreaming when I watched it. Can’t get enough of it. Bite me, bite me!!!

Me: (Trapped in her admiration of Mr. Pattinson)

Well, I HAVEN’T WATCHED IT NOR READ THE BOOKS. Hahahaha. To be honest, I’m not really interested in that Twilight thing. You may call me weird or odd or else whatever, but I just can’t understand why those who have watched it are completely under Pattinson’s spell *sigh* It’s like endemic haha. Maybe I should watch it to understand that. Maybe I’ll wait for the DVD version. I can’t stand reading that thick books, sorry Stephanie Meyer, so I think I’d better watch the movie. I don’t know.

My question is: Is there anyone out there who hasn’t watched it or hasn’t read the books yet just like me?

Hopefully, there is. Hahaha.

p.s: I’m not saying I hate it, but I’m just confused with “The Twilight Effect”


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