Blessing in Disguise

Been a while I haven’t posted anything here. Hehehe.

Here it goes.

Well, today, December 19, 2008, I just received my report card from school. And the result is BAM!!! From 14 subjects, I failed only ONE. Hahaha. (I wanna laugh and cry at once everytime anyone asks me about it)

Repeat once again, Only.

Only. Seriously???

Only. Fuck NO!!!

It’s not only, it’s MATHEMATICS.  DARN IT!!!

I don’t wanna write out its score here. *bloody embarrassed* 

I was completely freaked out when I saw its score. A thought came across my mind that there’d be a possibility that I couldn’t go on to the 12th grade (nggak naik kelas gitu in Indonesian). Pathetic 😦

I was absolutely afraid that my mum and dad would be angry with it. Yeah, a ‘lil bit. Fortunately, they only said, “Talk to your teacher, study harder next semester. We’re sure you can work this out.” Thanks so much folks for not getting angry with me and I promise I’ll do my best next semester 🙂 I’ll just consider this bad score as a warning from God to make me study harder. Hopefully so.

After going to my school, my parents and my sister and I went home. Since it’s Friday, my dad and I were supposed to do the Friday Prayer (Shalat Jumat, I’m Muslim by the way). However, we were held up by a quite crazy traffic. So, we weren’t able to go to mosque to do it. Before we arrived home, we went to a supermarket to buy some stuff. Then, I spent the afternoon eating ice cream, some chips (oopsie, it kinda ruined my acupuncture diet thing lol), and watching TV.

My sister actually had been begging all day to go to the cinemas, but I wasn’t really in the mood to go there. But then, I agreed this afternoon, 3 o’clock-ish,  cos I was very bored and also I thought it could help me forgetting that ‘score’. Well, we went to cinemas eventually and watched ‘Halloween’, maybe you’ve seen it. I was confused choosing between Halloween and The Day The Earth Stood Still (has anyone seen it? Is it good? Cos I think it’s a good movie just by seeing its trailer) But I chose to watch Halloween finally. It was very thrilling and great. Though I’m not a huge fan of horror, thriller movies, I quite enjoyed this one. Then we went home, ate dinner, and watched TV.

Well, now I’m in my own room, in front of my laptop, writing this new post, listening to songs in my iTunes, chatting in MSN, googling some stuff, surfing some websites, lalalaalala.

Turned out it is a pretty good day, with some rough things. Blessing in disguise, I might say.

That’s all mates for now. Keep visiting my blog for more.

Aldhin xx


2 Comments on “Blessing in Disguise”

  1. paw25694 says:

    me failed 1 subject too aldhinné! but it’s historical studies keh-keh >:-D

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