Heidi Montag Addiction

I know many people out there dislike Heidi Montag and her hubby, Spencer Pratt. They think that this couple is fake, not real, and any other negative thoughts on them, especially in many gossip websites; those sites like to tease them in a bad way, no offence anyway. I have to admit that they like to be the centre of attention in public media by doing something catchy, appealing, captivating, etc. Well, personally I don’t care, I like them. They seem so nice and peaceful; I’m tired of celebrity couples, esp. here in Indonesia, who always fight with each other and then demand a divorce, blahblahblah.

I’ve been addicted to Heidi Montag since the first season of The Hills (around 2006 if I ain’t mistaken). And I like her even more when she released a single earlier this year. I didn’t have any idea that she could sing. Quite surprised me anyhow. Nevertheless, I think she has a nice voice with good rhythm in her songs. Although I still consider Britney Spears as the Goddess, Heidi is quite a refresher, a new-comer that needs to be regarded. Her songs’ genre is mostly dance which makes her songs very catchy. I have downloaded all of her singles; she hasn’t made an album yet. The rumour is that she’s working with David Foster for her album. Gosh, David Foster!!! Hopefully the rumour is seriously genuine. C’mon, he has made albums for the A-List singers like Celine Dion and Michael Bublé. Heidi, I can’t wait for your album, I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna be superb!!! Well, there are nine singles which have been officially released so far:

  1. Higher
  2. No More
  3. Fashion
  4. Body Language
  5. Touch Me
  6. One More Drink
  7. Overdosin’
  8. The Party’s Wherever I Am
  9. Dramatic (featuring Britney Spears)

You can download them from Limewire or if you have enough money, download them from iTunes (it’ll be worth it, I guarantee you).

The song that I like the most is Overdosin’. It’s very groovy with danceable tunes. I never get bored listening to it. The lyrics are written in a very cheesy way, but so enjoyable to listen to. It’s very her, so Heidi Montag. The music video is also so chic and cute. It’s featured in 1980s theme, featuring Montag as an aerobics fitness instructor on a show called “Sweatin’ with Heidi” working out with others in a gym. Very old fashioned, but brilliantly endearing. Check it out in YouTube.

“I’m overdosin’ over your love I feel like I’m an addict with a habit and your the drug. 
I’m overdosin’ over your love 
Don’t care what you put me through, I can’t get enough of you

Heidi, I You So Much!


2 Comments on “Heidi Montag Addiction”

  1. coffee says:

    perhaps one of the greatest questions of this present generation: who’s hotter, Heidi or Audrina?

    • Aldhin says:

      I think Heidi is absolutely hotter than Audrina. I mean if we talk about the body, Heidi wins. If it’s about face, Lauren Conrad wins.
      I have nothing against Audrina actually. I like her, too.

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