Hermès 35cm Chocolate Togo Gold Birkin Bag


Unfortunately, I will never get a chance to have it *crying out loud*

WHY??? Ultimately, because its price is undoubtedly TOO ASTRONOMICAL. It’s Hermès, you know, so exclusive. Plus you have to be in the waiting list in order to get it and it doesn’t guarantee you to have it at the end because it is very limited.

Well, the brand new price is around US$12,450.00 and the second-hand price is around US$7,400.00. Phew! Those figures take my breath away hahaha. My parents would kill me if I asked them to buy me one hehe. I’m getting more eager to have it after I saw Pharrell, the famous American rapper, and Marc Jacobs, my favourite designer, brought the highly coveted Hermès 50 cm HAC (Haut Au Corrois) Birkin Bag in some pictures that spread on the net. Here are some pics that I found:

Pharrell with his Hermès HAC Orange Birkin Bag

Pharrell with his Hermès HAC Pink Crocodile Birkin Bag

Marc Jacobs with his Hermès HAC Black Birkin Bag

Those pics are outrageously awesome!!! Kudos to them. Why? Because at first I thought that Hermès Birkin Bags were limited only for women. Thanks to Pharrell and Marc who have shown the world that men have the right to have Birkin, too. Men in these days should demand for emancipation especially in fashion. If women can wear tuxedo, then why can’t men have an originally female’s bags? In fact, those Birkin Bags look so perfect with Pharrell and Marc, whom both of them are male. It’s not crossing the line, either. In fact, the bag is quite big and men are used to bringing bigger and heavier things. So, why not?

God, I would love to have it someday when I’m already a wealthy man (Amen)

Or is there any rich human-being out there whom sincere and rich enough to buy me one of those Hermès bags? Hahaha, just kidding (I mean it actually in the deepest part of my soul lol) Calling all the rich people out there!!! Hehehe.


One Comment on “Hermès 35cm Chocolate Togo Gold Birkin Bag”

  1. raven ruger says:

    You can buy replicas at http://www.eurohandbags.com

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