Subang, I’m So Cooomiiing!!!

Well, tomorrow, December 27, 2008, I will go to Subang, West Java, Indonesia for some academic purpose from school. Subang is a village somewhere in West Java, Indonesia. Since it’s village, the situation, I think, is much more peaceful than Jakarta which is a big city.

At first I thought it kinda ruined my holiday but now whatever, I’m not really bothered anymore. Because I guess I’ll get nothing if I just keep whining, complaining about it. Just enjoy it, get the most of it. Hopefully everything will go as smoothly as my friends and I hope. I’ll stay there for three days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday). So, I still have a few days left aftwerwards, Thank Lord. Better news is that I’ll be already at home on new year’s eve 🙂 Not too bad then hehe. I’ll write you the story about my Subang trip laters.

Now, I’m gonna have proper sleep so I’m gonna get up in fresh condition tomorrow awww.

That’s it for now,

à bientôt, tout le monde (see you soon, everybody)

Aldhin xx


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