Thingamajigs about My Subang Trip Experience

First thing I want to say is that the trip was PRICELESS.
Yeah, it sounds a ‘lil bit exaggerating, but it really is true. It was ah-mazing.

Like I said in my previous post, at first I was completely bothered with it, but then what the hell, just make the most of it, dude!

And moreover it turned out that it really was a great trip. Okay, without further ado, here’s the report:

Saturday, December 27, 2008 – First Day:

Well, all of my friends and I were gathered in school around 6.30 am to do a ceremonial thing before we left to Subang eventually. We all went to Subang by air-conned buses (Thank Godness!) and we departed around 8 am. I was in bus number 8 with all of my classmates.

There was one thing I found out quite scary, but funny at the same time. Well, we were all given a manual book which contained the rules, itinerary, and else. After I read it, I realised that students weren’t allowed to wear shorts. At that time, I was wearing red shorts, which was more suitable for going out to beach hahaha. Plus, in my suitcase, there weren’t any trousers in it. I freaked out, of course. I just wanted to go back to my house to bring some trousers. I wanted to call my parents, but I just couldn’t do that. I didn’t want to ask the teachers, thinking that it could worsen the problem. My friends told me to calm down because there was no way that the teachers would send me back to my house just because I didn’t wear trousers. It was just a non-sense rule; I kept in mind about that throughout my three days in Subang. I just kept thinking that as long as I behaved in my best behaviour, nothing bad would happen to me.

Back to the topic, it was quite amusing when we were in the bus, not so boring to be exact. The journey lasted for about 3 hours, so we arrived in Subang around 11 am or 11.30 am, I don’t really remember lol. One thing that I noticed was IT WAS ABSOBLOODYLUTELY FREAKING HOT. The sun like slapped right into my face hahaha. Plus, we were all standing on open-field, so there was no roof to cover us from the heat. Oh yeah, we were surrounded by the dwellers whom all of them were very nice. It was good to see them smiling to us and of course we smiled back. Then, we met our houseparent whose house will be occupied by all of the students from my school. My houseparent’s name was Pak Encu. And then, my friends and I (a total of 13) headed off to Pak Encu’s house. It was a nice small house and we saw our bags were already there (our bags had been sent off before we left to Subang). Lunch was already served, just in time that I was quite hungry. Very traditional menu, like tempeh. Tempeh was like the main course there. It was always available whether it was lunch or dinner. But, whatevs, I like tempeh hehe. After I rested for awhile and did Shalat Dzuhur. my friends and I went out to do a little observation about the surroundings. (Just FYI, my REAL group consists of girls and boys, so we weren’t at the same house. My friends who stayed in the same house with me weren’t all in the same group, we were from three different groups) After asking the administration thing with the representatives there, we decided to take a short trip, to the paddy field. It wasn’t too far, we only had to walk to go there. It was BLOODY FUN! Actually there were a couple of groups which already there, but my group went further than others. We took sooo many pictures (which are already in Facebook), we also crossed a bamboo-bridge which terrifying enough because the bamboo was like moving, the wind breezed not so smoothly, but the thing is that it was like once in a lifetime experience. I mean it’s not easy to find places like that and also we all don’t often go to places like that. So, just make the best of it. Around 4.30 pm, we went back to our house. My group spent the night discussing our paper and our project for the next day. That was my first day in Subang, pretty nice, huh?

Sunday, December 28, 2008 – Second Day:

I got up around 6 o’clock in the morning. I slept quite tight (both literally and reality hahaha). My friends and I slept on floors which were already covered with mat. And the night was cold enough, so was the morning. It was only hot when afternoon came. After I got up, I did the very belated Shalat Subuh. Then, I drank my milk, checked on my cell phone; there were messages from my mum and dad and my mates, and had a short discussion about our paper with my group. Around 8.30 am I took a bath because I had to be ready on 9 o’clock to gather with my group to do our project for our paper. On 9 am, as it was planned, we set off to do our project. Well, the paper is about status of the nutrition of teenagers aged thirteen thru fifteen in that village. Our target was to get 23 teenagers to be measured both of their height and weight which later determined whether their nutrition’s status is good or bad. We didn’t only measure those things, but also we asked them about what they ate over the past one month. By the way, the day was overwhelmingly hot. Plus, we all had to walk and we had no idea where we were going, so it felt like we came to faraway nowhere. Just imagine it. But, it was so fun, because I wasn’t alone, I was with my friends. We finished on 1 pm, just like what we planned, wee! Then, I had my lunch and after that back continuing the paper. However, I was very sleepy and exhausted from the walking thing, so I decided to sleep (I’m so sorry mates esp. those who did the thinking hehe). I woke up around 5 pm, realising that most of my friends weren’t there until one of my mates in my house told me that they went out to waterfall or I don’t know, kinda forget lol. And then I played cards with my friends that were still there. It was very exciting, seriously, we laughed, we had fun, blahblahblah. It was fun. Well, I spent the night in the girls’ house doing our paper’s presentation for the next day. Then, I went back to my house around 11 pm and played cards (again) until 1.30 am and then I fell asleep. Well, second day, eh?

Monday, December 29, 2008 – Third, Finale Day:

Last day, everyone! Mixed feeling here, happy and sad. Happy cos I was coming home finally, sad cos I love Subang and three days were just not enough to explore it.

Well, I got up earlier than the previous day because I had to pack my stuff and the presentation started at 8 am. All of my friends and I went to a boarding school where we were gonna present our presentation. We were separated into different rooms; my group was in Room 9 because we are group 29 (you know, the suffix). We were the last group to perform and it went well enough. There we got some questions, critiques, advices, etc. from our friends and teachers. It was great to share what we had got from our trip with others. After that, my cinematography teacher, Pak Tomi, took a picture of each group. Nice! After that, we went back to our house, continued packing our stuff. I had a little time to buy some original snacks from Subang to be brought to my real home back in Jakarta. I was also shocked that our houseparent gave us pineapples. There were four pineapples for each of us, so there were a total of 52 pineapples. Wow! Thank you so much, Pak Encu and family, you are incredibly kind to us. FYI, Subangnese pineapples taste so delicioso, kinda different with other kinds of pineapples. I love it. Before we headed to Jakarta, we took pictures with our houseparent, showing our gratitude to them by giving a little gift. Finally, we left on 1 pm by the same bus which used for our departure. Hasta la vista, Subang! I will never ever forget this memorable trip J The trip to Jakarta lasted for about three and a half hour, longer than the departure because we took a stop longer to buy some snacks and others. We all arrived in our school around 4.30 pm safe and sound. It was nice to see my mum’s and dad’s and my sister’s face again. Then we went home and I told them my exciting and unforgettable story of my Subang trip.

That’s all the report of my Subang trip. Sorry that it is very long, because actually it’s not enough to tell you just by writing it.

Hope you all have a nice day and HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR ANYONE, ANYWHERE!!!

Aldhin xx


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