Perezzies Award

Perezzies Award is a list of awards given by Perez Hilton, The Queen of All Media, to some Hollywood celebs based on some categories. I have followed his website for ages hehe.

Here are the winners with their own categories a.k.a. “Perezzies Winners”:

Hottest Hookup: Chris Brown & Rihanna

Anyone dating Rihanna will definitely become part of the hottest hookup.

Biggest Breakup: Madonna & Guy Ritchie

The two were married for nearly 8 years, and had two kids between them (Rocco by birth and David by adoption), but with Madonna’s bizarre youth preservation methods and Guy’s miserliness, it was the red string that broke the camel’s back.

Favourite Jonas: Joe Jonas

All three brothers are cute, but Joe is definitely the hottest! And he has the best hair!

Breakout Star of the Year: Katy Perry

Her success even surprised us! Our friend went from zero to 100 in 2008. And she’s even got Madonna’s stamp of approval!

Baddest Bad Girl: Amy Winehouse

Hey, at least she’s still alive!

Biggest Scanda: Lindsay Lohan and saMan Ronson’s Hook Up

Are they or aren’t they? Though Lindsay seems to have problems with a revolving closet door, it’s clear that the “just friends” enjoy each other’s company – they’re practically attached at the hip in every photo. They’re constantly fighting, so this “hook up” may be a breakup any day now!

Best Dressed: Anne Hathaway

Her taste in men may questionable, but her taste in clothes is impeccable! Annie always looks good, and you love her just as much as we do!

Worst Dressed: Aubrey O’Day

Aubrey O’Day discovered that she didn’t need Danity Kane to get press this year. All she needed to do was flaunt her offending fashion ensembles, usually accessorized by her dressed up dog, Ginger, at events for attention. She’s so good at looking oh so whoreanous!

Hottest Hottie: David Beckham

The Giorgio Armani campaign pictures say it all. Posh is the luckiest of them all!

Cutest Celebuspawn: Suri Cruise

Suri might have a crazy dad, but the girl is definitely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. We’re getting her three coats for Christmas!

Most Improved: Britney Spears

She was carried off on a stretcher and locked up in a looney bin just a few months ago! This award should really honor manager Larry and Daddy Spears for whipping the pop tart back into a #1 record selling machine! P.S. Perez was robbed!!!

Worst Trainwreck: Amy Winehouse

Wino’s reality is crazier than any cracked out fairy tale one can imagine. Our favorite trainwreck moments include the videos she made with Pete Doperty (remember the one with the baby mice?!) and the drug fueled night she headbutted two different people in London. We wonder what insanity Wino has in store for us in 2009!

Most DVR-worthy Series: Gossip Girl

Chace Crawford, bitches, drugs, effed up rich people, underage sex, backstabbing and cool New York backdrops. What’s not to love?

Biggest Box Office Blowout: The Dark Night

Take one dark hero, one Hollywood tragedy, and lots of hype and you’ve got the biggest box office performance of 2008!

Celeb of the Year: Barrack Obama

Like, duh! Could it have been anyone else?

*Courtesy of Perez Hilton and his website


2 Comments on “Perezzies Award”

  1. tyapratiwi says:

    Aaaa anne hathaway hihi oke bgt deh tuh. Tp dhin knp her taste in men may questionable ?
    Yg celeb of the year ga bgt deh, mending gue wkwkwk

  2. Aldhin says:

    HAHAHAHAAHA, tp begitulah result yg celeb of the year.

    lagian mantan Anne Hathaway yg namanya Raffaello Follieri itu kan penjahat dipenjara lagi 4,5 tahun hauaahaha. kasian sekali nasiba anne hathaway, tp yg penting udh putus trus udh punya cowo lagi. hopefully yg kali ini pilihannya bener hehe

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