Well, I just found this shocking, but predicted news from Sharapova’s official website. I was doing my school assignment when I found it. *still got a time to google other things haha*

First of all, I wanna tell you that I AM A HUGE FAN OF MARIA SHARAPOVA. I’ve been following her on-court and off-court news for about three and  a half years. I always watch her tournaments, though only from my television at home, I don’t really care. So, you can imagine that I really am an admirer of her. *But hey, I ain’t a stalker lol*

I was really sad after I read it. I mean, she’s been not playing since August 2008. She withdrew from the US Open last year (I was pretty disappointed with this news, too). So, this Australian Open withdrawal is her second consecutive grand slam withdrawals since the 2008 US Open. And it is completely understandable if now she’s not ready yet to compete at the Australia Open which is The Opening Grand Slam every year. It is a very high-level tournament which demands tough matches, tough players, tough condition, and so on. So, it’s absolutely not a joke.

I think Sharapova is very wise to make this decision, she doesn’t want to worsen the injury which has just been recovered not a long time ago. I’m sure that she’s really sad and disappointed with her decision because with this withdrawal, she can’t defend her Australian Open 2008 Champion title. She’s been trying very hard, no jokes, to get back to her best form, her 100% fitness, but no one can manipulate the time. It takes a long time to recover from the kind of injury she’s got. And she’s been fighting with it for years. 

Anyways, now she has her own ‘Grand Slam’ which is to beat and fight her injury in order to be back in her best, very best condition.

I wish she could get back on court (she’s already back on court actually, but only for practicing, training, etc.)  and she could win more and more matches this year. Good luck, Maria!!!

Aldhin xx


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