Unexpected Days Off

I wanted to post this a looong time ago, but I caught up doing some things hehe.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well, today I started my school day as usual; I took a bath on 4.30 am and did my Shalat Subuh on 5 am. But, one unusual thing occurred to me this morning. After I’d done my prayer, I checked out my cell phone and there were about 10 new messages which is seriously uncommon for me (I never got that many texts in the early morning). Then, I opened them and all of them were sent by my school friends telling that “Today is off because our school and its area have been flooded”. Yippee!!! I was absolutely really happy after I read it. I told my mum right after I read all of the messages. My younger sister was completely jealous on me because she had to go to school eventually; her school is in the safe area from flooding.

Anyways, I spent my morning by eating my breakfast (it was spaghetti which was made by myself, delicioso!), reading some magazines, and watching my I-haven’t-watched-nor-thought-buying-this-DVD ’til afternoon hahaha. Then, around 3 pm, I left for my course a.k.a. “Bimbingan Belajar”. I studied chemistry and biology there until 7.30 pm. After that, I went home right away and after I arrived home I ate absolutely-without-a-doubt-my-very-belated dinner. Then, I turned on my laptop and went online. Also I tried to memorise my English presentation about Sierra Leone, a country in Africa. After I felt ready enough about the presentation, finally I fell asleep, still wishing that tomorrow my school would be flooded again hehe. Let’s move your ass to the next day lol.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I got up like usual around 4.30 am and did the rest of my daily routines after that. I checked on my cell, just in case that my wish was granted by the almighty God. And there wasn’t any new messages telling about flood in my school just like the day before. So, I decided to go to school. The traffic on street was quite crazy, unlike days before. I thought that I would be late for school. Just in time I thought about this one, one of my friends called me. I thought it was one of my friends whom are in the same group for the English presentation. In fact, it was none of ’em who called me. Well, then she told me that OUR SCHOOL WAS FLOODED AGAIN AND THE TEACHERS TOLD THE STUDENTS WHO HAD COME TO GO BACK HOME. BAM!!! I WAS FREAKING HAPPY WHEN I HEARD IT. Then, I told my driver to drive me back home. WooHoo!!! TWO DAYS IN A ROW, DUDE! When I arrived home, my sister and my mum were still at home. I decided to continue my sleep right away hehehe. Then, my mum asked me to come along to drop my sister off at her school. Yeah, I agreed. And after dropping her off at her school, my mum and I went to my cousin’s house. We spent our afternoon there. I met my elder cousin, and then we laughed, played, and blahblah.  My sister eventually went there too after she got back from school. And then we all went back home and when we arrived, I spent my night like my usual nights. That’s it, that was my second day off, still wishing for the third hahaha (that needed miracle to make it worked hehe). 

Enjoy your days, mates, no matter how suck or splendid it is!

Aldhin xx


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