Jak żyć?

Pretty damn sure that you don’t what that means before you open Google Translate hahaha.

Jak żyć?

Well, it is a title of a Polish movie that I just watched. “Jak żyć?” means How to Live?“. I bought the DVD two weeks ago, but had never got a chance to watch it. Why did I buy this DVD? Yeah, I was thinking about that when the film just started. Well, one of my friends has watched it and he told me that it was worth watching, the story is not the same with other films which genre is similar. So, I decided to buy it, too. And anyways, I just watched it last night right after watching Australia’s Open fourth-round match between Novak Djokovic and Marcos Baghdatis. Djokovic won just FYI, he’s gonna meet Andy Roddick of the USA in the quarter-final, I’m so looking forward to watching it.

Back to the topic, it’s a romantic-comedy themed movie, which is my favourite genre of movies that I watch. Actually, I don’t really often watch the foreign, independent films, esp. the European ones, like French, German, or even Polish. I haven’t even heard how Polish language sounds. Just so you know, I think it sounds pretty much like the characters in The Sims or The Sims 2. Hahaha, yeah, they speak very fast. And by they, I mean both of the characters in The Sims and the Polish.

The main actors are  Krzysztof Ogloza and Anna Cieślak. I found Ogloza’s Facebook accidentally when I was searching for his information from internet lol. I have never heard about those names, either. But, I like watching films which actors aren’t very well-known. You know, sometimes I’m just tired watching films with the same kind of actors. So, this movie is sort of a refresher.

The story is about a young man, named Kuba (Ogloza), whose father died when he was still a very young boy. As time went by, he grew up older and older, he finally had a fiancé, Eva (Cieślak). The movie started showing that Kuba was brought into a prison (for vandalising the hospital which was revealed later in the movie). And after that the flashback began. Nine months earlier, he found out that he is going to be a father. So, he decided to prepare himself for the role of the father and husband. He asked his three uncles for advice related to him-becoming-a-father-and-a-husband. All of them gave him a seriously different answers. But, his first uncles told him to get a proper job to show his fiancé that he is serious about being the father figure. Kuba then did what his first uncle told him. He finally had a job in financial, marketing stuff (before that he was a bartender and it was not even a regular job). He also settled insurance and investment just in case for the rainy days. However, as his career grew better and better, his ‘real life’ went worse. He basically had no life; he was seriously committed to his job. Eva felt that the-Kuba-now was not the same. He wasn’t the same person that she knew not long ago. But, he kept make her sure that he was just the same guy. Eva tried to cope with the situation, but she eventually reached the peak. The problems worsen since then. However, it ended in a very beautiful, unexpected way. The finale scene shown Kuba was looking at his new-born baby and then said, “Hi little fellow, I’m your dad. Maybe you’ll tell me how to live.” Awww, that’s so sweet : )

Okay, that’s all the Jak żyć? movie report from me. You should watch it, too. Buy the DVD! Hehehe 😛

Aldhin xx

p.s. OHMAGAWDT!!! Krzysztof Ogloza already approved my friend request in Facebook. WooHoo!!!


One Comment on “Jak żyć?”

  1. tyapratiwi says:

    wah kayaknya bagus deh dhin. jadi pengen nonton hihi. refreshing otak

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