Makanan Perancis Joke

Hello everyone! Wow, long time no post I guess. Over the past two weeks, more or less, I was destroyed by the illnesses that I’ve just recovered from. Stomachache, fever, headache, skin-rashes, you name it! LOL. Well, I’m already fine now, so I’m ready to catch up things hehe.

Yesterday, I watched the rerun of 2009 Grammys and personally I was astounded by the winners. However, overall, it was a very good show. Plus, I was glad that Carrie Underwood brought home the Best Female Country Singer with her song Last Name from her Carnival Ride album. Though, I guess she got it effortlessly, no offence, because she basically is not as ‘booming’ as usual, I still do think that she completely deserved to win it. For the third successful consecutive year, she managed to win that nomination. WooHoo!!! Oh Carrie, I thought that you had no shot, but you grabbed it eventually. Hahaha.

My main topic is not about the Grammys actually. Well, I found this quite amusing email, sent by my best friend. The subject was FW: Makanan Perancis‏. I thought that the email was really about the French foods thing. In fact, it turned out to be very different than what I thought. Here’s the copy of the email. Sorry that it is written in Indonesian because I think it will lose its sense of humour if it is translated into English. Enjoy!

Orang beranggapan kalau makanan yang kita santap diberi nama Perancis kelihatannya akan terasa lebih enak.
Hal tersebut disebabkan antara lain karena anggapan bahwa semua yang berbau Perancis bermutu halus. Perancisinasi juga membuat orang yang akan bersantap mempunyai citra yang kabur tentang apa sebenarnya yang ia mau santap.


“filet mignon”
(secara harafiah artinya: daging lulur bagian paling belakang)
“pate de fois gras”
(goose liver paste = hati angsa)
(daging kuda)
“Monsieur de Veau”
(daging lembu muda, veal)
“Escargot d’France”
(bekicot, keong dari Perancis), dsb.

Si Inem yang warungnya sering dikunjungi turis (backpackers) Perancis, tidak mau kalah. Dia pasang menu sebagai berikut:


Oucing Pete de Chine (Oseng Pete Cina)
Chateau de Batavie
(Soto Betawi)
Saiyour de Lourdes
(Sayur Lodeh)
Roujaxe d’Oleque
(Rujak Ulek)
Café a la Tobruque
(Kopi Tubruk)
Cappuccino de Preangers
Naxis Geaux rain
(Nasi Goreng)
Manioc de Mer
(Singkong Rebus)
Vouz vour que tans Noir
(Bubur Ketan Item)


And Today’s Special:

Loun Tounqe Saiyour (Lontong Sayur)

“Hab Max Janoux Lufaz Bayaour!!!” (Habis Makan Jangan Lupa Bayar!!!)


Inem de Lennox

p.s. I personally don’t know whether it’s an old joke or what, but it’s quite funny hahahaha


2 Comments on “Makanan Perancis Joke”

  1. iciil says:

    aduh bajigur-nya ga nahan sumpah. HAHAHA

  2. iedo radityo says:

    seriously a laugh maker! saiyour de lourdes? OMG kill me bakakakakkaka can’t-stop-laughing!

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