My Friend

Well, this one was given by one of my friends but I don’t know where it was taken from.


My Friend 

 You have been my friend since High School 

When we both thought we were young and innocent  

We would laugh and stay up all night talking  

We would always have a grand old time  

I enjoyed your laughter, and admired your care free nature 

 You were always honest, and always tried to make life fun and interesting 

 Our friendship turned into much much more than just a friendship

  Ours is a friendship that is deep, something that is rare between friends 

 Something more like “family” 

 Something that will last a lifetime  



 Somewhere along that road we traveled together  

Something happened that changed my life forever  

Knocking me off that road we shared, and sending me on a journey all by myself  


I was looking for answers, searching for who I was  

I started remembering being not so innocent  

Not wanting to laugh, not wanting to skip  

Not wanting to only have fun  

I was alone because I could not let you in  

Could not let anyone in  

Through my search, I have stumbled upon, and found my voice  

The voice that could free me from this hell I’ve erected for myself  

A voice that’s been silenced to long by the shame,  silenced by the denial 

A voice that tells me to let you in, that I can trust you  

A voice that says you will understand  

A voice that tells me I’m not vulnerable to you  

A voice that say’s you don’t pityblame, or judge me  

A voice that says you can help me, if only I would let you  

A voice that assures me I’m not alone, that you’re still by my side  

A voice that says above all else, that you believe me and want to help me  

And above all else 

 That you are still my friend, still my family 

 I know it’s not easy to listen to certain things, and I know they hurt when you  

love the person that something bad has happened to  

I know you really cannot understand how I feel but sometimes I need you to listen  

Just show me you care,  tell me you know I hurt,  assure me that it’s ok to cry  

How do I not overwhelm you? 

But at the same time let you in 

I need you to understand  

That I love you  

That I don’t blame you for anything  

That nothing was your fault  

That I want you in my life forever  

That I don’t want they’re to be any distance between us  

That life isn’t just fun and laughter  

How?  How do I tell you this?  

How do I find my voice?


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