The Right To Be Me

I’m forever hiding in secrecy the feelings lurking inside of my head

For if they knew, no-one would let me be the person I want to be

If I said that they would accept me, I’d be lying

They cannot see how I do what I do

So they shout abuse and leave me crying myself to sleep


But in dreams I go to a place

Where I’m free to be as I please and where all the things I want, I have got

And where my acceptance comes with an ease

That’s only possible in dreams


I’m not fighting for justice or equality

I’m just fighting for the right to be me


2 Comments on “The Right To Be Me”

  1. ariska says:

    you should make this a song dhin. seriously

  2. Aldhin says:

    aaaah, skaaa jgn melebih2kan hehe *blushing*. but, thanks yaaa. I’ll see what I can do with it

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