Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2009

Well, yesterday, March 8, 2009, my cousins, my sister, and I went to Java Jazz Festival (JJF) 2009. This event has been held for the fifth time here in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is one of the biggest jazz festival throughout the world. It’s always held for three days, from Friday thru Sunday. Thousands of people attend this event annually. So, you can imagine that it really is a huge event undoubtedly.


Ticket of Java Jazz 2009

Anyways, we left from my cousins’s house around 3.30 pm and when we got nearer to JCC (Jakarta Convention Center, where JJF is held), the traffic jam got worse. But, we eventually arrived there slightly before 5 pm. It was raining and we needed to walk in order to reach JCC; we were dropped off somewhere near JCC because of the traffic (we realised that if we didn’t walk, we couldn’t make it in time). I met two of my friends while we all were queuing to enter the building. After we came in, we decided to find the schedule first, so we knew what show was available to watch. And it was 5 o’clock, just in time for Peabo Bryson‘s show at the Plenary Hall. I was so excited you know, though he is a singer from the older generation, I love all of his songs. His songs are very wonderful. Just before we entered the Plenary Hall, I met some of my friends again, they were my ex-classmates when I was in the tenth grade. Plenary Hall was absolutely crowded, but we made it to the middle-row of the audiences, thanks to our plus-sized bodies (except my younger sis) which can push others unforgivingly lol. We took many pictures there hehe. I was happy that Mr Bryson sang my favourite songs, including ‘Tonight, I Celebrate My Love’ and of course ‘A Whole New World’. Those songs are duet songs and neither Celine Dion nor Roberta Flack came. BUT, he had a nice replacement for those two fabulous singers; she was one of his backing singers who did the job as nicely. Oh yeah, I NEED to tell you this: Since most of his songs are so romantic, we were surrounded by MANY couples (it seriously made me jealous on ’em hehehe). We eventually left his show after he sang around six or seven songs, if I ain’t mistaken, at 5.45 pm.  

Peabo Bryson @ JJF'09

Peabo Bryson performing at JJF’09

After that, we decided to look for meal because we were all kinda starving yet bloody thirsty lol. So, we needed to get out from the building first. And the situation out there was as crowded as the situation inside. When we arrived at the Food Corner or whatever its name, we bought drink first and after that, we looked for seats. My oldest cousin, Teteh Tata, and my ‘lil sis, Etha, finally found ’em while my cousin, Teteh Icha, and I were standing in line to order meals and my other cousin suddenly came to us. We chose to eat Kebab just so you know. It was very smoky at the place where we ate because most of the stall sold roasted, grilled, or baked meals like kebab, hot dogs, burgers, etc. 


Me (left) and Teteh Icha (right) eating Kebab, yummy!

After we finished eating, my other cousin left us to return to his friends, so back to only four of us. Then, we entered JCC again around 7 pm. The situation was pretty much the same, but we saw a very long queue towards the Plenary Hall. Then, I realised that Brian McKnight‘s special show coming up. But, we couldn’t attend his show because we didn’t order the special show tickets. We wanted to watch Tompi‘s performance at Cendrawasih 1 & 2, but it was just too late. It was gonna start at 7.15 pm, but it was already flooded by people who wanted to watch his show. So, we tried to find other shows. However, we couldn’t find any interesting show at that time until we decided to look for merhandise. It was kinda sucks too because there were only about three merchandise sections available and most of the stuff was already sold out. Oh yeah, when we were walking, I met one of my friends for the zillionth time; she is my classmate at the moment. And we finally chose to take a seat because we were quite tired of walking around.  

axis purple carpet

left to right: Me, Etha (my ‘lil sis), Teteh Tata, Teteh Icha; posing at AXIS’s Purple Carpet

At 8 o’clock-ish, Teteh Tata’s friend came and around 8.30 pm we were back to walking around again. During our way, we took many photos because we had no other ideas in mind. We entered the Assembly 2 with no reason and it was Nita Aartsen feat. Michael Paulo inside. We enjoyed their performance although it was very short, less than 10 minutes, because they were already finishing their show actually hehe. Then, we took some photos there in Assembly 2. When the clock striked at 8.30 pm, we rushed ourselves to the Cendrawasih 1 & 2 to wait for Kla Project‘s show. Just after we reached it, tons of previous show’s audiences, which was Tompi’s, came out. Then, we decided to sit on the floor when we were already inside the Cendrawasih 1 & 2. With half an hour to kill before Kla Project’s show, we took some photos (AGAIN).  Finally, Kla Project’s show got started at 9 pm and we hurried ourselves from sitting to standing to get on the front-row. I don’t know much about Kla Project, but I know a few of his songs. Teteh Tata and her friend really enjoyed their performance because they both know about Kla Project pretty well. We took some photos again there. And it finished slightly after 10 pm with two songs that I knew their lyrics hehehe. I was impressed by their music because it sounded really nice in my ears. Two thumbs up for them! 

Assembly 2

@ Assembly 2

sweet moment

waiting for Kla Project to perform at Cendrawasih 1 & 2

Kla Project

Kla Project

Kla Project (2)

Then, with pushing each other’s bodies, we moved our ass to Exhibiton Hall B to catch up Maliq N D’essentials‘s performance. We just didn’t wanna miss it like we missed Tompi’s show earlier that night. We arrived there around 10.15 pm and a japanese band called ‘Soil and Pimp‘ was still on stage. At first, we sat down because we felt too tired of fast-walking to reach there. But, a few minutes later, I felt myself enjoying their performance more and more. I mean, I’ve never heard of them before and seeing them for the first time with that kind-of-awesome music, it was just astounding yet awesome to see. I decided to get up and took some pictures of them. I felt like they really, really blew me away with that music. Especially the fact that I’m not really interested with Japan, no offence, but it really changed my mind about Japan hehe. They were just worth-watching you know.

soil and pimp

Soil & Pimp, The Japanese Band with Jazz Punk genre

But, when it got closer to 11 pm, when Maliq started to perform (supposedly), their performace got more stiff. They thought that more crowd coming because people like ’em. NO! Big mistake. People were coming because they wanted to watch Maliq, not them. My cousins and I really wanted to shout things like “NO MORE!!!” or even “BANZAI!!!!!!” (banzai: to attack). But, they kept doing their job until slightly before midnight. We were absolutely relieved that finally they came down from stage, phew! So, basically Maliq was late for more than an hour, not including the sound check they did before their show. We were supposed to go home by that time, but we were stuck to wait another hour maybe. The audiences got more tired, but we were all happy when Maliq FINALLY came out. WooHoo!!! Yay!!! Yippee!!! The crowd was shouting and screaming with ease. They opened the show by singing their hit song, ‘Terdiam’. We all sang along with them and felt sooo happy you know. They really gave their best to all of us there. However, we went home earlier, just after they sang only four or five songs, because we thought it was already late.




Maliq N D’essentials

So, we went home at 1.45 am and I met one of my friends again just before we got out from JCC hehe. We walked on foot to reach Teteh Tata’s friend’s car and it was quite far from JCC. I basically had no idea where her friend’s car was parked, so it made me feeling more tired. It felt like we went to nowhere *exaggerating* hehehe. But, finally we arrived at where the car was parked and headed home eventually. The street was absolutely empty and it only took us 15 minutes to arrive at my cousins’s house. Phew, what a day, people! Though it was pretty exhausting, I really had a blast with them. Then, we all went to bed around 2 in the morning.

So, that’s all my report about my JJF experience. I hope you all, esp. who came to this year’s JJF, also had a blast!!!

Aldhin xx


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