My Mum’s Weird yet Scary Dream

Awww, I just woke up from my sleeping beauty, mates! And I just had my breakfast hehehe. Well, my today’s exams, English and Physical Education, start at 12.30 pm; no need to hurry *yaaaay!!!*, so I can have proper sleep and some times to kill at home lol. Thank God, they’re only English and P.E, not so difficult hopefully.

Just so you know, yesterday went pretty well thankfully. Oh yeah, when I just arrived in my exam room, I found out that I WILL SIT EXACTLY IN FRONT OF THE EXAMINER FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. I’ve sit in the front row in some exams before for a couple times, but sitting right before the examiner? NEVER. But, I take it as a warning yet gift from the Almighty. Why a warning? I guess I need to study harder this time; I often underestimate the examination. SO, no more underestimating hehehe. Why a gift? Maybe from me trying to study harder, I can get better grades, amen. Alright, I did the yesterday’s exams, Citizenship Studies and IT, quite well I think. The given problems were not really difficult, most of them have been taught by the teachers. No need to worry too much I guess hehe.

Okay, here goes the story, meant by this post’s title. Yesterday, while I was studying P.E., my mum came to my bedroom. She wanted to put some of my clothes in my wardrobe. And you know, I just kept reading my book. But, just after she was done with my clothes, she sat at the edge of my bed. I didn’t mind of course, I thought maybe she wanted to accompany me studying because I often fall asleep while I’m studying. It happens A LOT lol. As I was saying, out of the blue she told me about her bad dream a night before. She said in her dream, it was the time my report card was given. And then it was me who took it, not my mum or my dad; she had no idea why. And then I came home with that sad yet disappointed face. My mum asked me worriedly and I answered that I FAILED TO ADVANCE TO THE 12th GRADE. Oh my effin’ God, what a scary dream that my mum had. I laughed as if I took it as a joke. I was like, “Damn, that’s the worst case scenario that every student is scared of. I will prevent it from happening, I swear by the name of God.” Fortunately, it wasn’t me, myself, who dreamt about it. Hehehe.

Enjoy your day, pals!

Aldhin xx


2 Comments on “My Mum’s Weird yet Scary Dream”

  1. ruby91 says:

    Ouch. Not that different then in the states.

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