Is it THAT hard to be a celebrity?

Been a looong time that I haven’t checked out !!! I kinda miss many of his blabbering about celebrities (I often open these days and as you know, People won’t use any mockery in any of its articles).

And just before I wrote it, I’d finally surfed again hehehe. First pages were mostly full by Chris-Brown-beating-up-Rihanna news. And when I arrived at the third page, I saw this article entitled: “Has The Recession Hit The Beckham Household???” And there were two pictures of Victoria Beckham a.k.a Posh in two different occasions BUT wearing the same outfit!!! Of course it’s a huge news for people who know Posh; isn’t it like a HUGE MISTAKE to wear the same outfit TWICE in the world of fashionistas and especially GET CAUGHT by the media? But, who knows, right?

posh wearing the same outfit twice

same outfit, same shoes, same sunglasses, same watch except her Hermes lol; maybe she left it in her house hehe

courtesy of


2 Comments on “Is it THAT hard to be a celebrity?”

  1. Ferinda says:

    woooo tumben ya Posh ckckckck

  2. Aldhin says:

    iyaa tuh gw aja agak kaget. tapi tetep cool sih haha

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