Nautica Voyage Men’s Fragrance

Today, I just bought a perfume for myself *yaaay* Why am I so happy about it anyways? Well, been a while that I haven’t bought any new fragrance.

Nautica Voyage

Nautica Voyage Men’s Fragrance 3.4 oz

What makes it even greater is that the price is NOT pricey, but I really love its scent. Quite blows me away hehe. It has sporty scent, so fresh, aquatic, and cool. Here’s what the Nautica official website says:

An invigorating new fragrance created from a cool rush of green leaf merged with deep, aquatic notes, anchored by a rich, seductive fusion of dewy moss and woody amber.

The retail price is around USD 62.50, but I only spent around USD 39.00. I’m soo lovin’ it, dude!


One Comment on “Nautica Voyage Men’s Fragrance”

  1. Interesting perfume I love perfume and it can also affect you and your life positively so its better to find the best perfume that will fit on your personality.


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