Music Patterns

I got the link of this survey from Fahdiana’s blog. There are two types of survey: Personality Patterns and Music Patterns. Hmm, I chose to try the music survey first hehe.

Here’s the result:


And here are the details about those genres in the above picture:

FORCEFUL music is loud and energetic: heavy metal, rock, alternative and punk.

URBAN music is rhythmic, percussive, and funky: rap, dance, techno and electronica.

SOPHISTICATED music is intelligent and inventive: classical, jazz, Celtic and world.

EARTHY music is melancholy and real: country, folk and bluegrass.

SMOOTH music is relaxing and gentle: R&B and soul.

more details about the bars:

INSTRUMENTAL: you’re indifferent to music without vocals and lyrics

TEMPO: you can’t stand music that has fast paced rhythm and speed

LOUD: you can’t stand music that’s best when played at an ear-shattering volume

ELECTRICAL: you don’t like music with amplified instruments

PERCUSSIVE: you don’t like music with a prominent drumbeat and strong vibrations

DENSE: you don’t like music that’s heavy, not light and airy

DISTORTED: you don’t like music with over-amped guitars, feedback and other grimy sounds

INSPIRING: you’re indifferent to music that’s uplifting, stimulating and makes you feel good to be alive

AGGRESSIVE: you can’t stand music that’s hostile, belligerent and borderline violent

ROMANTIC: you like music that’s brimming with passion and sensuality

SAD: you’re indifferent to music that makes you feel wistful, sorrowful or melancholy

COMPLEX: you don’t like music that’s intricate and must be heard more than once to take it all in

RELAXING: you like music that calms you down and puts you at ease

INTELLIGENT: you’re indifferent to music that’s articulate, literate, worldly and wise


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  1. gina says:

    taking. see mine!

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