A week after mid semester test

Well, mid-semester test in my school was finally and officially over last week, on Thursday. Thank Gawdness!!! But, you know, the remedial test is coming up next. Hmm, I need to be seriously prepared for it because failing twice totally sucks, it is just sooo unacceptable. And tomorrow is the remedial chemistry test (which is supposed to be today but it was postponed somehow). Only a few of my friends passed it. And by ‘a few’, I mean ‘A FEW!!!’ hahahahaha. My score, don’t even ask me *please, just don’t!* lol. Now, I feel a ‘lil bit more prepared, a ‘lil bit of relief that I already kinda understand it. I didn’t even understand what the given problems meant at the first time I looked at them. My head was completely shut off. It was like I never even studied about it. 2 hours, the time given to finish it, felt like endless, never met the end hahaha. Plus, I sat IN FRONT OF the examinor during the mid semester test!!! It was pretty awful to say the least. I didn’t have too much room to literally move. And also tomorrow is the remedial biology test. So, I’ve got two subjects to be re-taken tomorrow. Wish me luck, mates!

Today was pretty nice at school. The first two-hour, my cinematography teacher didn’t come, so we could anything we wanted. Freedom!!! Hahahaha. But, the following subject was chemistry. We studied about the new chapter, ‘hydrolysis’ and did some exercise on text book. Not so baffling I guess. And after that, we studied mathematics, it was about the trigonometric limit. One word, P-E-R-P-L-E-X-E-D. I tried to understand it, but it was just ‘too much’. I’m so worried about this chapter just so you know. After 2 hours of being ‘trapped’ in mathematical wilderness, we moved on to Indonesian Linguistic. We studied about the adapted literary. And we were told to find a book which was analysed later.After we read it, we had to summarise it and searched for its theme, portrayal, and message. This one was quite easy, but I was tired of writing it hahaha. Then, it was physics tutorial. I didn’t pay any attention to the teacher lol. Instead, I laughed my ass off with my pals hehehe. Finally, the last subject was supposed to be Indonesian Linguistic (again) with different teacher. Thank Gawdness that she didn’t come! WooHoo! Party time! Hahahaha. She is a really meticulous teacher; I think she always comes to teach our class, she was never ever absent. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell y’all, the power failure happened today at my school. So, it was pretty HOT inside my class because of course, the air-con was shut down. But whatever, the thing is today was pretty awesome, dude!

Enjoy your day, fellows!

Aldhin xx


One Comment on “A week after mid semester test”

  1. gina says:

    trigonometry is a serious whole-time ASS! itu hobinya patime masa. katanya seru. gue jadi males duduk sama dia pas pelajaran mat.

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