Hasta la vista school (even just for one day)

Awww, it’s already mid-day, 11.30 am, here where I live. And I just woke up and had my lunch (skipped my breakfast cos I was still asleep at breakfast time lol). Well, today is holiday because it’s the holy day for the Hindus, Saka New Year 1931. It feels tremendously wonderful to have a day off in the middle of school-week. Especially, today’s lessons at school are considered not-so-utterly-worthy, no offence, exception for physics here. Starting with Indonesian Linguistic – English – PHYSICS – German Linguistic – History – and finally Citizenship Studies. See? The only important one is physics. But, there’s English sadly, you know, I heart English. But, today is supposed to be English test about gerund, so I’m glad that it’s not today maybe it’s postponed ’till next week, yeaahh baby! Way to go!

Why was I up so late? You know, waking up at 11 o’clock is considered pretty late I guess lol. Hmm, last night (or morning-ish) I went online from 10 pm thru 3.30 in the morning. Hahaha. So, I hit the bed around 3.30 am and then still tried to continue reading the novel that I’ve been reading for some time now. It’s ‘Tempted‘, the It Girl novel series by Cecily von Ziegesar, as you know as the author of the undeniably famous Gossip Girl. Just FYI, ‘Tempted’ is the sixth series of the It Girl and I really enjoy reading it since its first series, ‘The It Girl’. Oh yeah, I’m currently also reading ‘Ghost Girl’ novel, created by Tonya Hurley. It is also quite interesting. It’s not mine actually, it’s my ‘lil sis’s. She is the one who owns it (and bought it by her money hehe). Its theme is high-school drama, stereotypically saying. It is about a girl named, Charlotte (originally Charles) Usher who feels practically invisible at school, and then one day she really is. Even worse: she’s dead. And all because of a guy and a gummy bear. Well, at first I couldn’t believe that she really died because of gummy bear, it’s just so pathetically waggish, but the story said so. I’m still stuck at the fourth chapter which means there are still twenty one chapters to go. I’ll just keep reading then and keep myself interested in it because sometimes I just out of the blue lose my interest in the middle of the book. It happens quite loads of time. Haha.

Well, I’ll be back to school tomorrow and tomorrow is the presentation of religious studies. And it’s my group’s turn to be presenting! It is about khutbah. For those who don’t know khutbah, well it serves as the primary formal occasion for public preaching in the Islamic tradition. I don’t know whether my group is already prepared or not, but myself here trying to make the PowerPoint despite the limited source. Nonetheless, just wish me stroke of luck 😀

I have no plans for this afternoon or even this evening. No going out plans precisely. Maybe I’ll just stay at home, continue doing on my group’s presentation, surf the net, watch DVDs, watch telly, or just play PlayStation 2 or just SLEEP!!! Yeah, those are pretty good ideas. They sound nice because those ideas don’t involve any studying lol. After two weeks of mid semester test and a week of rough sessions in class, it is adequately okay and acceptable to kill some spare times, to have a break just for one day. One day off is allegorically equal to a week of R & R. Hehehe. In my school, a day off is peculiarly regarded extraordinary, exceptional.  Why? Because it seems like the teachers really LOATHE holidays. They just can’t take a break for just a short period. They see holiday as if it was a disease hahaha. It sounds like I’m kidding but it’s no joke. Just ask friends of mine who attend the same school as me. Pretty goddamn sure that their answers will be just the same lol.

Well, folks, just whoop your day up! Make the most of it, just like me haha.

TTFN, Aldhin xx

p.s. speaking of ‘whoop your day up’, I want to eat Burger King’s WHOOPER so badly right now 😥


2 Comments on “Hasta la vista school (even just for one day)”

  1. zwolftenaugust says:

    din, yg tadi di-publish dong hahahahaha

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