Meet America’s next top designer (so what if he’s only 12?)

Yeah, repeat that, TWELVE YEARS OF AGE! I got this quite shocking news in my Hotmail’s inbox when I was checking my emails. It was sent by (I joined its newsletter). So, here it is, meet the boy, Damian Finch:

Damian Finch Fall ’09

For an up-and-coming designer, Damian Finch has a fairly typical bio: Based in New York. Initially made a name for himself in denim. Swears that—undeniable ambition aside—he’s just trying to make clothes that he “would want to wear.” Except, that is, for one not-so-minor detail: He’s just 12 years old. “It’s like, I can’t do much about my age,” the West Village resident said on a recent weekday afternoon, strolling down West 13th Street after school. “I just like to make cool clothes. And if you use the word ‘tween,’ I’m going to puke.” It’s a term we’ll happily avoid, because Finch’s first full collection, which was shown to a handful of buyers and editors last week and will hit stores in time for Fall ’09, shows a remarkable level of maturity. (Besides, he’ll be 13 next week.)

“When I saw the presentation, I was kind of blown away by how self-assured the clothes were,” says Odin’s Eddy Chai, who bought several of Finch’s Fall pieces. “But then, I guess I was a lot more self-assured when I was his age.” Ryan Conder, who owns the Los Angeles men’s boutique South Willard, is also impressed. “This being L.A., I don’t end up buying a lot of tailored clothing, but I think Damian’s stuff is going to resonate with the West Coast guy,” he says. “To be honest, too many guys out here dress like they’re 12. Here’s a kid who just may be changing that notion from the inside.” L.A.-based stylist Ilaria Urbinati (who runs the Hollywood shop Confederacy, with Danny Masterson) has already had one style-conscious celeb—she won’t say who—request a Finch bomber jacket on photo shoots. “The line feels fresh because Finch has yet to be tainted the way the older designers have become,” she says. “His aesthetic is so pure.”

However you feel about his clothes—and we’ve got an exclusive slideshow below—it’s hard to deny that Finch is touching a nerve. Much like 12-year-old food critic David Fishman, or that 14-year-old conservative pundit Jonathan Krohn, what he’s been able to achieve is equal parts impressive and—let’s face it—also a little creepy. Although it was refreshing to learn that Finch had never heard of either of those well-publicized prodigies. “I don’t know—it sounds like those kids are, like, trying to be adults,” he says. “I’m trying to be a fashion designer.” courtesy of as the online home of Details & GQ 

Here are some pictures of his Fall 2009 Collection:


The combination between the top, the bottom PLUS the shoes is just peeerrrfeeect!


The shirt and the skinny turquoise jeans are just too hard to resist, dude!


Quirky? Yeah! But, that’s what makes it really unique. Not so formal, not so casual either. The bottom is just fah-bulous, ah-dorable

Well well well, see? Age doesn’t matter as long as you’re serious in anything that you want to be. Age is just some numbers, not a huge deal either. So, just be yourself because what matters is your effort. Believe in yourselves, mates!

I hope that this article can motivate all of you out there who are doubting yourselves because I’m sure there’s no need to second-guess yourselves 🙂

Aldhin xx

p.s. I’m so loving his designs so much. Alert! New Addiction!


9 Comments on “Meet America’s next top designer (so what if he’s only 12?)”

  1. tyapratiwi says:

    12 years old ???? aduhhhh gue kalah nich sm anak bawang. mba ayumi apalagi HAHAHAHA

    • Aldhin says:

      iyaa baru 12 tahun udah bisa menampilkan hasil karya nya. what a lucky boy he is! haah, ayumi mah cuma bisa pake doang. hahahaha

  2. Ferinda says:

    wow he’s so damn cool, dhiiiin. mau ah jd designer hihi

    dia mau gak ya design buat watashi???? sugoi ne~~~~~ kawaii…. ❤

  4. torik says:

    wah keduluan gw, berarti gw juga bisa dong mestinya haha

  5. Dwi says:

    cool! he has so damn adorable designs 😀

  6. Aldhin says:

    iya torik semestinya bisa laahhh. you’re very talented gitu lhoo and by ‘very’ I mean VERY. but, it’s just the matter of fate, he’s got the chance first. I’m sure your turn will eventually come 🙂

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