A Thousand Stars

Yesterday, when I was chatting with best friend, she told me one thing that I didn’t know before. Here’s the excerpt of our convo:

My Best Friend (A): Anyways, I’m in a target in making 1000 stars!

Me (B): What stars? A thousand?

A: You know, the stars which are made by papers.

B: Owwwhhh, I see. I know that.

A: Some say, if we can make it until the one thousandth, our wish will be granted. Hahaha. I’ve already made 100-ish of them!

B: Crazy! lol

A: My  hands are getting reddened, sort of tired whatsoever because the papers are a bit thick.

So yeah, is it really true? You know, about the making-1000-stars–then-your-wish-will-be-granted thing, have you heard anything about it? Tell me, folks!

Aldhin xx

p.s. Nez, if you read this post, I don’t mean not to support whatcha’ doing, cos I am; I’m just wondering hehehe. Keep on what you’ve been making 🙂 I also hope that your wish will be conceded.


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