Laughing My Ass Off is Awkwardly Fun LOL

Well, this Sunday, I’ve got nothing really worth doing. So, I can relax in my own room and do anything I want hehe. This morning I went online and after that I played golf on PlayStation 2 and then I watched my DVDs (Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and Milk). I’d just finished watching Gossip Girl right before I wrote this post. Just after I logged on to my WordPress account, I googled some random things and then a thought of googling myself came across my mind. So, I typed ‘Aldhin’ on to the search bar and I hit the Search button. A few of the first pages were okay, you know, about my blog, my Facebook, my MySpace, or even school-related things. I was pretty shocked that there are quite many people named Aldhin out there. I was okay at first time especially none of them were weird whatsoever. Until, I arrived at the fifteenth page of the search results, I laughed my arse off. Why? Because I saw this:


aLdHiN (aLaY)*

I was like OHMAGAWDNESS?!?!? WTF?!?!? What on earth did happen to my name??? After I saw that search result, I directly, without thinking twice, clicked on the link, If you wanna take a look at whomsoever-that-YoChan’s Friendster then just click on the link! Hahahaha. His profile was just indescribable; too hard to explain in words. One word, hilarious.

Anyways, to that ‘YoChan’ wherever you live at this moment, I really have no intention to make fun of you in any inappropriate way; I really don’t have any right to do so especially we don’t know each other. So, I apologise, I am deeply sorry if you feel offended, stranger lol. This is just for fun indeed.

Aldhin xx

p.s. I’m sure the Indonesians get what I mean. For those who don’t understand, I’ve tried my best to make it sounds funny enough, sorry if you can’t really get it.

*Alay is an Indonesian word referring to people esp. adolescences that are idiosyncratic, no offence, in many ways, e.g. the way they dress, their writing and/or texting style, their music preferences, their language, etc.


2 Comments on “Laughing My Ass Off is Awkwardly Fun LOL”

  1. chita says:

    cieee aldhin bestfriend-nya ‘YoChan’…hahahaha

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