Raining, Tiring

It’s almost midnight here and I really am sleepy but I think I need to post this one because I’m so pissed off by the traffic jam which was bloody cracked. I was so knackered sitting in my car for more than two hours until I finally arrived in my home sweet home. Usually, it only takes less than an hour to get home from my after-class’s course. Well, it all happened just because of raining, I guess, which has started pouring since this afternoon. The entrance to my house’s complex is flooded, fortunately my house isn’t, thank Gawd. 

Tomorrow, I’m going to perform a drama in the Indonesian Linguistic class. I’m deeply sorry to my group-mates that I cannot help y’all to make the script for our drama; I was stucked in the middle of the fuckin’ traffic jam. I wanted to help you all, but I just couldn’t. I really am sorry. Nevertheless, I’m sure you can make it without me. Hehehe.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be much, much better than today because today was basically a total bollocks; it started out roughly (because of the out of the blue remedial test of mathematics) and it ended roughly, too (because of the so-called-traffic-jam). God, I despise traffic jam so much right now until I’ve got no words that can properly describe how much I hate it. However, I pretty much enjoy this day because I know we just need to make the most of it, dude! Yeah, I’ll stop complaining about the holdup, but it won’t change the fact that I’m extremely dead beat because of it *middle finger says the F-word lol*

Enjoy your day, readers!

Aldhin xx

p.s. I’m so gonna hit the bed now *yawning as hard as I could*


2 Comments on “Raining, Tiring”

  1. tyapratiwi says:

    encok pantat banget deh gue kemaren -_-

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