9 to 12

Hello all! As I promised in the previous post, this one is the recap of things I’ve done from Thursday (April 9) to today, Sunday (April 12). Here goes the story:


Well, it was the national election day to choose party politics. But, I haven’t got the right to elect because I’m still 16, here in Indonesia we have right for election when we already have identity card which requires age at least 17 y.o. Whatever, I don’t really mind with the fact that I can’t elect lol. So, after my parents elected in the morning, we decided to go to my cousins’ house. At first we just wanted to stay at their place. However, Teteh Tata and Teteh Icha, my cousins, told me that Starbucks were giving away free coffee for those who elected. So, in the midday, we all went to Pondok Indah Mall, which we thought the nearest mall from Kalimalang where Starbucks is available. Since I still don’t have right to elect, I told my mum, who doesn’t like coffee, to give hers (coffee) to me. So, yeah, I had the coffee eventually lol. But, Teteh Icha told me that we could actually manipulate the staff; I wouldn’t do that though, I’m a good person ūüôā hahaha. After that, Teteh Icha wanted to re-straighten her hair so we all left her in a hair salon there. That was 3.30 pm and since then we went around to do some random things, eating, (window)shopping, etc. Oh yeah, I had sushi for my afternoon snack, yum yum yum! After a while of walking around, we checked on Teteh Icha in the salon. She was still far from finished. So, we continued walking around there until we felt¬†excruciatingly¬†tired from walking around and thank Gawd, finally she was done with her hair issue at 8.30 pm which means it took roughly FIVE HOURS to have her hair done. Phew! Before we went home, we, except me, bought Heavenly Blush yoghurt. I was pretty much tired and didn’t want anything more, I just wanted to go home lol. Then, on the way home, we got an idea to go away the next day, to Bandung. Oh my Gawdness, I haven’t gone there for long enough time. So, we only stopped for a while in my cousins’ house to pack their things; Teteh Icha, Teteh Tata and Aa’ stayed a night in my place. Then, we all went to my home. Why did they stay at my place? Because my house is nearer to Bandung than their house although it doesn’t really make much difference hehe. So, let’s move on to the next day, my Bandung trip!

p.s. I saw Torik, my chair mate, when I was in Pondok Indah Mall. But, I wasn’t so sure that it was him. I texted him to confirm whether it was him or not and HELL YEAH, it was him hahaha.

FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2009

So, we all left off from my house to Bandung at 7.30 am, not so morning, but not so late either I think. Since we all didn’t have our breakfast yet, we stopped at the nearest resting area to get some food to eat. After we finished having our breakfast, we continued our trip. There wasn’t any traffic thankfully, our journey to Bandung was pretty smooth hehe. Oh yeah, we planned only to go around there in one day which meant we went home at night. Back to topic, we arrived in Bandung before 11 am. For those who don’t know, Bandung is the heaven of factory outlets so yeah, it’s like heaven on earth for shopaholics who want to shop cheap clothes and others. Our first stop was Rumah Mode. And yeah it was crowded but fortunately we still could find a space to park our car. When I entered it, I was like, “Gosh, this is it, shop ’till drop!!!”. I was literally drooling seeing those absolutely-so-cheap-clothing-items. However, when the clock¬†stroked¬†at 12 pm, my dad, my male cousin and I must go to do our Friday Prayer¬†(I’m muslim, for the thousandth time I’ve said lol). I couldn’t complain, could I? Besides, it only took less than 45 minutes. Not so ruining my shopping activity, right? After we were done doing the prayer. we went back to Rumah Mode. We found out that my mum, my sister and my female cousins were already finished from shopping; they were sitting in a food court or whatever it’s called across Rumah Mode. They were waiting for us to have lunch. And then we had our lunch, I was quite hungry that time hehe. I ate rice (of course) with grilled chicken and tofu. Just after I finished eating my lunch, my mum told me that she found some cute shorts that’d probably available in my size. So, my mum and I went back inside Rumah Mode¬†and directly I followed my mum to get where those shorts were put. After my mum found them, she told me to try ’em on. I went to the fitting room and I was more than happy to know that they were all perfectly fit in me, yaaaay! Then my mum payed for them. Then we decided to leave Rumah Mode and headed for our next stop.

Our second stop was Prima Rasa, a famous bakery, pastry shop in Bandung. We went there to buy some cakes and other snacks to be brought home. We were there for less than an hour I think.

Next, we left off for our third stop. We went to another factory outlet, Cascade, and shopped some clothes there. After that we went to another factory outlet, Heritage, which is side-by-side with Cascade. There I bought some items, but this time I paid them with my own money *smiling proudly lol*.

Then, we decided to buy other snacks in Kartika Sari to be brought home. It was almost 6 pm when we arrived there. We bought some pastries, cakes and snacks which were different from the Prima Rasa ones. We actually had plan to have dinner somewhere, but Kartika Sari was a restaurant too, so we decided to eat there. My dinner was really simple, fried rice haha. And finally we went back home slightly after 7 pm. I was really tired of walking, but really satisfied and thrilled. I fell asleep during our trip back home. And we finally arrived at my cousins’ house before 9.30 pm. And then my parents, my sister and I headed home from there at 10.15-ish pm and we arrived home at 10.45-ish pm. There wasn’t any traffic jam. When we arrived home, I decided to ¬†sleep right away. So, that was the second day of my quite long weekend. Two days left!!! Let’s just move on.

p.s. This Friday, I was supposed to attend sort of meeting with my old friends to discuss our reunion. However, this Bandung trip was all of a sudden trip. So, why could I possibly pass up the chance of going away there? lol


I was basically like having a hangover from my Bandung trip. I was very exhausted despite being so refreshed, thanks to the shopping that I did the day before hehehe. However, I had to go to Erha Clinic, a well-known dermatology clinic in Jakarta, to have a consultation with the doctor. So, my parents, my sister and I went there at ¬†9 am and arrived at 10 am, the doctor hadn’t arrived at that time. Just FYI, the appointment for the doctor was only for my sister and I. After waiting for more than half an hour, our names were finally called. Then, we went inside the doctor’s room and then we were examined by the doctor. The doctor was really satisfied with our faces which are better than last month. Almost flawless she said hehehe. Then, we waited for our prescription and finally we all went home just before 12 pm. Before we went home, my dad wanted to repair some fiascos related to our car. So, we stopped at his regular service station. I was extremely starving at that time because I didn’t have breakfast. Therefore, my mum decided to look for a food near the¬†garage. And we found out there was soto ayam peddler. And without thinking twice, I ordered one. Just after I finished eating, my dad called me, telling that his car has been repaired. Wow, that was so fast, it only took more or less 15 minutes. I thought it was gonna be at least an hour to fix it. But, thank Gawd that it was faster than I thought. After that, we all went home and stayed home. Not so interesting I think, but the point is that it was still holiday yaaay! Okay, let’s move ahead to today, the last day of my long weekend.

SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2009

Today’s original plan was only to go to Firman to have my hair cut. But, while my family was having breakfast, Teteh Tata called. She said that one of our relatives had her birthday party today plus my uncle, Papa Uwa, also wanted to have his hair cut at Firman, too. So, we picked up Papa Uwa and Teteh Icha at their house and headed to Firman. We were there until 12.30 pm and then we went to our relative’s house which is so close from Firman. When we arrived there, we met our relatives that had arrived before us. Then, we were there until 3 pm. Oh yeah, the birthday cake was so mouth-watering; it was originally brownies but the layers were filled with¬†blueberries and frosted with kind-of cream and cracked chocolate. One word,¬†delizioso! And the lunch was really nice too; the food was so good and we ate together which made it better hehe. So, we went home at 3 pm and arrived home slightly before 4 pm. Since then, I’ve been going online, surfing the net, writing this post, listening to music and waiting for tomorrow to come (I hope it could be slower cause tomorrow’s Monday. F*ck! lol). I really am lazy at the moment and it’s all because of the long weekend that I had. I don’t want to go to school this fast. But, frankly I miss my friends at school, especially *well, I don’t want to tell you this one hahahahaha*. So, going to school won’t be that bad, right?

That’s all the report of my long weekend. Sorry for the long post, myself is actually tired of writing this, but whatevs. Enjoy your day, people! How about your weekend? Share with me! Hahaha.

Take care, Aldhin xx

p.s. finally I’ve done typing this post *tired plus sleepy* haha. sorry if there are errors in this post, I was so tired.¬†


4 Comments on “9 to 12”

  1. Hi Aldhin,

    I came across your blog while using a back links tool and I just wanted to say you have written an excellent Blog.

    My name is herbert and although I’m old enough to be your father I really enjoyed reading it. Maybe because you are from another country as I live in the USA but you make me want to fly over and go shopping at Bandung. It sounds like fasinating place. Lastly you had my mouth watering for some of that birthday cake. LOL

    Anyway, just wanted you to know your blog was seen all the way over here in the Hartford, CT USA.


  2. Aldhin says:

    Thank you so much. Though I don’t know who you are, I really appreciate your visit ūüôā

  3. tyapratiwi says:

    wha dhin, dia mw diajak ke bandung hahaha disuguhi mi kocok, mungkin dia mau

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