What are you made of?

I just did open the official site of Maria Sharapova, my favourite tennis player ever. Then, I immediately opened the “News” section and at the top of the post, there was an article entitled: TAG HEUER: WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF? I was curious you know because I’d known that it’d be about her latest ad campaign for the Swiss Avant-Garde. So, I clicked on “read more”. And my guess was bloody right, it was about her latest campaign ad indeed. It tells pretty much about charity project thru advertisements between Maria Sharapova, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tiger Woods who are the most well-known brand ambassadors for Tag Heuer. They basically use their charity foundation as the network to donate our help. Anyway, since Miss Sharapova is the one that I like the most, here are the pictures of her adverts (click to enlarge the pictures):



Aren’t they practically awesome??? Those ads are so bee-yoo-tiful! Oh yeah, here’s the tag-line from Maria Sharapova:

I left my mom and my country when I was seven. At 17, I was the third youngest player ever to win Wimbledon. I continue to hold myself to a higher standard than anyone expects of me. I made my own dream a reality. Together with Tag Heuer, I’m helping others achieve theirs. To get involved, please visit http://www.mariasharapovafoundation.org

I’m so loving it, dude! Aldhin xx

p.s. just open MariaSharapova.com for more details! And I miss seeing her playing on court, it’s been ages!


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