Yaaaaaay, finally the most anticipated yet the longest holiday of all of the high school students in Indonesia, particularly in my school, SMA NEGERI 8 JAKARTA, HAS COME! Anyway, why are we given holiday(s)? Just so you know, the twelfth graders here in Indonesia will take on National Examination which later ascertain whether they graduate from high school or not. Good luck for every 12th grader across Indonesia, most especially to the ones from my school; hopefully they will get the best result, the satisfying one 🙂

After feeling so hard to move my ass to go to school for this whole week, the most effective pain killer’ has finally arrived to allay it lol. Nine fucking days to spend, to fool around, aaahhh it sounds fantastic. No studying, no school-related activities, hell yeah it’s just the exact  idea of perfect bliss 😀 Take a deep breathe people aaaaaaaaaaaand go have fun!!!

Enjoy your days, people 🙂

Aldhin xx

p.s. I think the exams will be waiting for us after the hols come to the end, nonetheless I don’t care, I just want to make the most of my holidays lol 🙂


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