Home, Finally :)

Wow, I haven’t written anything for almost a week, miss you all readers :’) Well, as I told you in my previous post, LONG HOLS, this week is holiday. Today’s Friday which means there are only two days remaining to kill.

Anyway, why haven’t I posted anything for a while? Just so you know, my mum was in hospital for five days -Monday thru today, Friday-. Yeah, this holiday wasn’t really nice because of that. But now, thankfully, my mum’s getting much, much better and it’s enough to make me smile ­čÖé I had no idea to write because I thought there’d be nothing special to post. Gosh, I miss writing here hahaha.

This week, I spent my days in hospital (OF COURSE!), but I got a little time to go out somewhere. On Monday, one day before my mum’s surgery, I had a little time for a reunion with my old pals. It was a really good time considering we haven’t met each other for a long time.

Well, Tuesday was my mum’s surgery time. She was operated at 9 am and the surgery was successful, Alhamdulillah ­čÖé At 11.30 am she was already brought back to her treatment chamber. My whole family was there, waiting for my mum’s surgery. That night Teteh Icha needed to be picked up from her English course, Wall Street Institute. So, Teteh Tata, my sister and I decided to pick her up. However, before that, we went to Pacific Place to have dinner. We had dinner at Ta Wan and we all had porridge and lumpia plus tofu as the side meal. Yum yum yum! We were in Pacific Place only to have dinner, not for shopping whatsoever, so we were there only less than an hour. Actually we didn’t plan to go to Pacific Place, we wanted to go to Plaza Senayan. However, because of the kuh-ray-zee traffic jam, we cancelled on that plan seeing Pacific Place is nearer from our sight. After that, we picked up Teteh Icha at Ratu Plaza where Wall Street Institute established. Gawd. I think I become much more attracted to join this English course after I actually went inside and saw it before my eyes how the learners learn English. Teteh Icha brought her Canon SLR camera because that day’s theme of her social club was photography. I was like shocked that an English course could be as enjoyable as that. Okay, after that, we all went to the hospital and Teteh Icha also stayed a night there, but Teteh Tata came home.

Alrighty, on Wednesday I think I didn’t go anywhere.

Let’s move on to Thursday. Well, I went to Pacific Place (again) on Thursday. At first, I planned to go to Plaza Indonesia, but I didn’t feel like going there. I left off at 11.15-ish am and arrived there around 12 pm. I directly went to Aksara┬áto buy some magazines and novels. I was there slightly more than an hour (yeah, I’m a bookstore geek lol). After I payed all of my purchases, I went to Hot Shots Burger to have my lunch. Then, I had a little time to stop at some of my favourite stores before I decided to go to another shopping centre. I took a taxi to go to Mall Ambassador. I went there to buy some software for my PC, some DVDs, etc. After that, I went back to hospital and I arrived there at 3 pm. Thursday was quite exciting day out plus my mum was told by her doctor that she could go home on Friday *yaaay*.

Okay, so Friday‘s left to be told. This morning I got up at 8.30 am and missed my Fajr (morning) prayer. Shoot! After I got up, I looked for something to eat for breakfast. I decided to buy some food at the┬ácafeteria┬árealising that most food peddler outside the hospital should have been run out by that time. I bought fried rice for my sister and I. And then I bought some gorengan to eat besides fried rice. After I finished my breakfast, I helped my dad pack our stuff (because today’s the last day at hospital). It was quite tiring because there were loads of them as if we were going on a vacation somewhere else to another┬áhemisphere for a really long time. Well, if you’re curious with how much they were, here’s the list: 2 suitcases, 3 backpacks and more than 10 large enough plastic bags (ups-a-daisy global warming alert! Saaahhh-reee!) See, there were loads. We finally left the hospital at 1.30 pm and directly headed home. Yeah, I missed my home very much although the Wi-Fi connection at the hospital was blazingly brisk 24/7 (I miss it already :)) Okay, so here I am, home sweet home again. Phew, school comes nearer and nearer folks! I can’t believe a week feels this fast. But, I kinda miss school you know. I might sound like I’m joking, but I ain’t. More posts laters, mates!

Aldhin xx

p.s. Finally I bought myself a new wallet!!! It’s Ermenegildo Zegna just like I’ve wanted!!! Pictures later!!!


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