DISCLAIMER: Sorry that the title of the post is a bit disgusting (if you’re an Indonesian, I’m sure you know what I mean, but if you’re a foreigner, you’ll find out by reading the rest of this post)

Okay here goes the story. Well, today when I was on my way home with my sister, there was a car that suddenly surpassed my car. I wasn’t bothered at all, seriously. It wasn’t a huge deal I guess. But then, my sister told me about the car’s number plate, it was B 3 RAK in which if it’s linked into a word, it will be read BERAK. Berak is an Indonesian word which means pooping or shitting. Ewww, it’s disgusting!!! However, it’s hilariously amusing when it comes to that number plate. Why did its owner choose that one for his or her car? Spitefully brilliant I suppose hahaha. After my sister told me that, I decided to take a picture of it ASAP and damn well, I made it!!! HAHAHA. Here’s the pic that I took (click on it to enlarge so that you can see it clearer lol):


The car that I’ve been talking about here 

Oh yeah, plus the car was heading the same direction as mine. Fortunately, when I made the left turn to my house, the car went straight to another way. Hahaha. I thought its owner would live in my neighbourhood.

Laugh your life, people 😀

Aldhin xx

p.s. If you, the owner of this car, read it, it is truly just for fun 🙂 Be proud instead, because your apparent goal which is to be talked about, has been silently accomplished. Congrats! Hahaha


15 Comments on “B 3 RAK”

  1. dwi says:

    I think I would like to have my own car with B 4 BI plate hahahahaaaa :DD

  2. Ferinda says:

    jangan wik, lagi bahaya swine flu wkwkwk eh aldhin itu kocaak banget

    • Aldhin says:

      @Erin: Hahaha, jadi ke swine flu hubungannya

      @Afi: Bukan fi, yang gw ceritain dulu nomer polisinya B 312 AK (BERAK juga sih hahaha) dan mobilnya CRV dan ketemunya di senayan. kalo yang ini baru hari Jumat kemarin.

      @Amira: Emang gilee ya mir hahaha

  3. tsurayya says:

    dhin ini yg waktu itu lo ceritain bukan sih?

  4. Amira says:

    wahahaahahha gilaaa

  5. tyapratiwi says:

    pas pertama baca judul posting lo dhin, anjriiit apaan nih. maksudnya pup kah ? ternyata sebuah mobil yang ingin pup hahahaha. pengen deh punya plat kaya gtu

  6. Aldhin says:

    pasti lo kira gw ngalay gituu deh judul postingnya pake huruf-angka gitu. biar sekalian 133124K (jadi kayak fisika yah, ada K, Kelvin gitu hahahaha)

  7. gina says:

    gua tau itu mobil lo.

  8. SALLY says:

    hahaha itu MOBIL gw….
    aduh sungguh memalukan sampe di tag’in
    qt tetanggaan yh?

  9. SALLY 17/12/09 says:

    plat nya skrg udh dganti udah ga B 3 RAK lagi,
    coz polisi stopin mbl gw,,sangkain mw tilang gw,,eh ga taunya dia malah ketawain gw wkwkwk…tp dsuruh ganti yg asli lg jd B 8139 YA lol.
    kaca terang,jok pink,plat’a B3RAK.
    for joking aj hehee…..

  10. SALLY 17/12/09 says:

    itu mobil gw wkwkwkkw….
    jadi malu…..
    skrg udah ga B3RAK lg
    mw brniat ganti lagi hmmm
    B 54 LLY
    AB 15 ML
    D 888 AT (densus 888 anti teroris)
    P 15 TOL
    mana yg unik kira2?u have idea

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