Well, today after I went home from school, I went straight to my bedroom and then turned on my PC. After that, I surfed some sites, including Facebook. Just after I signed in, I took a look at my news feed and I was so dumbfounded by this one:


Jennifer took the AyumiHamasaki-related-quiz-on-Facebook

(click on the pic to enlarge)

I couldn’t help myself but laugh when I saw Ayumi Hamasaki’s pic on that image. Oh yeah, Jennifer is only pseudonym, just so you know. Sorry, for people named Jennifer, I don’t mean to make fun of y’all, but I just couldn’t come up with better names to cover it up lol.

Aldhin xx

p.s. OMG! Tomorrow I’ve got Mathematics exam about trigonometric limit & differential. Need to study so badly.


2 Comments on “Jennifer”

  1. chita says:

    susaaaaaaaaaah diiin ulangan mat nya huhu

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