Aku, Dirimu, Dirinya

Well, this post’s title is the song’s title of Kahitna. Yeah, you may think it’s just cheesy or whatever, I don’t care. I like this song; the lyrics are just so straight to my heart. Okay, here is the excerpt of the lyrics:

Tak ada 
Yang harus kita sesali
Semua indah
Yang pernah kita alami

Meskipun terbatas
Dan tak mungkin
Terikat janji abadi

Meskipun terbatas
Saling pandang
Dan tak akan lebih lagi

The lyrics of this song just make me finally realise that we just need to be grateful for what we’ve already got at the moment. As human beings, of course we want more and more, we won’t never get enough or even feel satisfied because we’re all just ravenous basically. That’s just the way of how God made us. It just completely opens my eyes, that we have to be realistic. I know it’s hard to be realistic because we are just too afraid to admit that; denial and deceit are what we usually do to cover our flaws to make it much more reasonable. We often keep on wishing on something ridiculous, wishing to make it come true while we’ve a got a real life to be taken care of. Life is not a fairy-tale people, wake up!!! It’s a totally harsh, merciless world. Yeah, it’s a playground, but not the children playground sorta thing. It’s full of drama, unbelievably yet truthfully bitter. What we have now doesn’t last forever whether we do something about it or not, so just make the most of it, gratify it and enjoy it! Don’t make it more, don’t make it less either; the proportion itself has been determined though it may take a long time to realise it. Do not cross the limit, but do not stop before you’ve reached it. Obviously, the limit is abstract, we absolutely have no idea about where it perfectly sits. Sometimes we may have come to a conclusion that we’ve probably crossed it, so we’re afraid, scared to death. In fact, we’re not even close. Pretty much distant, we just set off from the starting line. However, eventually you’ll find out the limit surprisingly by yourself. And we can’t deny that. Though I say, we may never get enough, we will feel loaded at the end; you’ll know when you should just stop trying, making efforts. The question is when will we feel too much but we actually never get enough? We all know the answer deep down inside ours, the bottom-est part of our soul. But, there are always buts which separate our rational thought making ourselves incapable to choose what’s wrong, what’s right. It’s pathetic, isn’t it? I know, because myself is no less than ludicrous. I write this piece of shit because I’m completely aware that it’s about myself too if it really matters to you. I don’t know whether you understand what I’ve been saying here or not.

Aldhin xx

p.s. I know I should stop trying because I ain’t gonna wait for you as in the hard-to-get kinda person. I don’t know if you’re just playing, trying me, I’m just clueless. The thing is: BE REALISTIC!


4 Comments on “Aku, Dirimu, Dirinya”

  1. tsurayya says:

    you’re just like mario teguh dhin ahahaha good post anyway! 🙂

  2. Amira says:

    lagunya emang enak banget ye dhiiin

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