Bitchin’ about Stores

Well, it’s been a while that I haven’t browsed designers’ websites. The reason is mainly to minimalise my shopping desire. And it works out sometimes. So, just before I type this post, I browsed Marc Jacobs website. Many new stuff there!!! The shoes are just tempting, ahh!!! I was metaphorically drooling @_@ Gawd, why isn’t there Marc by Marc Jacobs store here? And also H&M and Urban Outfitters and Old Navy and Uniclo and if I let my fingers type, the ‘and’ will never come to an end lol. And for H&M, I keep my fingers crossed with the rumours saying that it’ll be available in Jakarta in August 2009. Just keep on hoping, waiting for the answer. Just so you know, I’m pretty bored with Zara or the so-called plain GAP or even Topman which is totally happening in New York at the moment because of the grand opening of its first store recently. Hey New Yorkers, I’m so beyond fed up by Topman! Eat that! Until Brad Pitt was featured in its US site, come awn! And here I am, wishing that H&M would be available here. Yeah, you all New Yorkers can make fun of me now! Hahaha. Oh, I hope one of those workers in H&M headquarter in Sweden read this post and he or she is touched with it. Ahhh, what a bullshit dream I’m having lol.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2009 Men’s Collection

I’m so into that tote and the shoe is just feet-watering hahaha (click on the pic to enlarge)


This Matthew Williamson for H&M‘s combination is just purrr-fect!!! Love the top and the bag!!!

PLUS+++ it’s absolutely affordable!! (click on the pic to enlarge and see the price)

Oh yeah, there’s one thing left:


Trussardi 1911 Spring Summer 2009

I’d love to buy the bag(s) and the model *drool* hahaha (click on the pic to enlarge the picture lol)

I guess that’s all folks. I’m already too sleepy now to write more haha. Catch y’all laters!

Aldhin xx


4 Comments on “Bitchin’ about Stores”

  1. tsurayya says:

    wow cool banget ya dhin apalagi yg trussardi hahahaha

  2. chi says:


    hahaha heboh banged ya gw..hehe..iya dhin,gw juga mau banged,.kalo liat blog org2 bnyk brg2 h&m dan keren2 paraaaaaaaaah ;p

    • Aldhin says:

      nah itu dia chit, gw lupa dengernya darimana. abisnya udah lama banget gossipnya dari akhir tahun lalu hehehe.

      iya H&M tuh selain keren yah, harganya itu lhoooo, murahhhhh abisssss!!! top dah!!! ya mungkin pas msk di sini bakal agak dimahalin dikit kali ya, cuma tetep aja.

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