Hell-ooo everyone!!!

To be superbly honest, I feel tremendously grandiloquent at the moment! Why why why? Do you wanna know? Well, bee-cause tomorrow is one day off!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Although it’s only for a single day, I still eagerly welcome it 😀

Hmm, I haven’t posted anything since Monday. So, as usual, let’s just sum up what I’ve done since then, shall we?

Okay, on Monday finally I brought my new bag to school for the first time. Was it just me or what, but I think many of other students or even teachers and others, noticed it and stared at me as if I were carrying a bomb  hahaha. Yeah, I know that my bag is enormously spacious with the dimension of 33 cm x 53.5 cm x 18.5 cm plus a capacity of 32 litres. You do the math, ‘kay? Once again I promise you the picture of it, I’m sorry but I just can’t do that now; there’s some trouble within the bluetooth of my cellphone. So, be patient, if you really are curious to see it. Nothing special happened in Monday. Just school stuff mostly. Tedious, isn’t it? But, later that night, I watched Maria Sharapova’s first comeback match. Oh Gawd, I was amazingly thrilled to see her play again! Just a quick fact, she hasn’t played competitively since July last year. If you were me as in a huge fan of her, you’d miss her like mad too surely. Fortunately, she won the match in 3 sets; she won the first set easily with 6 – 1, lost the second with 6 -7 (she actually had a couple of match points, but she was just too nervy probably to close the deal), but eventually won the third set and also the match with 6 – 3 (she was trailing 1 – 3, but won the next five damn games in a row to seal the victory). Oh Sharapova, if you read it, I’d like you to know that I slept at 11.30 pm just to watch your first comeback match! And it was worth-watching! She’s gonna play her second-round match today, Wednesday, May 20, 2009 on 1 pm GMT. I’ve got to watch it, woo-hoo-hoo!!!

Yesterday wasn’t really nice at school. Actually, it went just fine earlier that day, but there was literally ‘drama’, yeah you decide what the drama means cause I think it’s a bit inappropriate to talk about it here. I’d rather to skip this part. Just forgive and forget, right? It’s forgiven yet not forgotten 🙂

Today, I had bloody fun at school; talking, laughing and such with my friends hahaha. I felt really well today at school maybe it’s because tomorrow is a holiday 😀 I’m looking forward to it since next week is going to be final exam week. The most fretful two weeks of my life (hyperbole lol)! Like ‘duh! Plus, it’s gonna be started by err, umm *clearing throat* MATHEMATICS. Yeah, damn right! Mathematics, people! Probably, I won’t post anything officially starting from May 28 thru June 5; my attention will be fully paid to the exams. Just wish me a grand of luck, readers 😀 Oh yeah, speaking of June, my birthday will be next month, yay! I’ll be seventeen years of age by next month hehehe. The most exciting part would be to finally get an official ID Card hahaha, funny eh? Yeah, I think it’d be strangely special for me haha. Enough about me, I’m getting sick of it already *kidding lol*

More posts (hopefully) coming up laters, dude! I’ve already got plan for tomorrow, I hope it will go just smoothly.

Ta Ta For Now, Aldhin xx

p.s. Ahhh, today’s holiday but there are LOADS of tasks to do plus PHYSIC(K)S EXAM coming up on Fuh-riday, beyotch!!! *I’ll pretend I never write this post-script hehe*


7 Comments on “GAME, SET, MATCH”

  1. tyapratiwi says:

    cie tas baru. ehm.

  2. tsurayya says:

    hari selasa selalu jadi hari sial buat gw dhin.

  3. chi says:

    tas nya segede apa sih din?jd pnasaran pengen liat bentuknya hahaha

    • Aldhin says:

      masa sih chita belum liat? pas spectrum hari senin trus gw pulang cepet masa nggak keliatan sih gw bawa tas segede gajah? hahahaha

  4. chi says:

    haha gatau deh lagi ga pake kacamata kali ya waktu ituu haha ;p

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