The One

Walking in an empty forest

Not  a bird in sight

The cold of the snow and wind

Fell upon the night


Searching for that perfect one

I always think I’ve finally found

That’s all I’ve ever really wanted

But, now my hands are bound


My eyes are red and puffy

From the tears that fall each day

So now I’m just left wondering

Why can’t my heart go away?


And now I’m left with a blacked heart

It’s all that you can see

This is all that remains of me

Nothing more, what is more it’s at the least


Now love is like an arctic blast

It freezes as it passes by

And here I remain alone and jaded

Since all I’ve done is cry, cry and cry

p.s. but, I’m not blaming you for what’s gotten into me right now, it’s all on me


One Comment on “The One”

  1. Jesaica manila says:

    Nice poetry. Greetings from Makati, Philippines.

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