Not Letting It Compel Myself

Hello, readers! Long time no post I guess. Yeah, as I told you before I’m currently in the middle of my final exam, so my attention is definitely paid to it. So, almost no time for blogging, nevertheless now is Sunday; I can ‘steal’ a little time to have some fun lol. However, I posted three new posts yesterday, you know, just for a quick reminder.

Okay, nothing interesting happened this week moreover I don’t really wanna recall what happened this week; it’s reflected to the previous posts here, the poems. Yeah, it’s very hard, it’s very tough, but it’s the life that I’m breathing, whatever happens, I should just hang on. I’m not a fighter, but I’m not gonna surrender, either. I keep telling myself it’s a path that I must go through. Something tougher is yet to come, I just need to be more ready, more armoured, when the day has come. If you’re a muslim, I think you know Q.S. Al Insyirah and the main implication of its verses is that every cloud has a silver lining, we don’t know when it comes, but sure it will. Yeah, I’m a total sinner, disgusting sinner exactly, I shouldn’t talk about Koran (Qur’an), but like I give a damn. It’s just blessing in disguise; we have no idea what future has in store for us.

The point is I’m fine right now, in fact I’ve never been better 😀 But, I’m still a bit vulnerably sensitive to some matter. It’s okay though.

Wow, it’s a very short post I think. But, I guess that’s just it, no more thoughts in my head.

Aldhin xx


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