JUNE 11, 2009


So, today is my birthday folks! Thank you for those who have sent me birthday notes thru short messages, phone calls, facebook, twitter or even in person. Just thank you very, very much, I really appreciate all of your wishes 😀 Kazillions of thanks might not be enough to show my greatest acknowledgement to all of you!

Well, today I went to school to take physics remedial test. It was basically like a huge present for me from school hahaha. Thank Gawd I could do most of the given problems 😀 And after that I decided to stay at school because my best friend, Monez, told me that she wanted to pick me up to go somewhere for a talk. While I was waiting for her, I had a nice chat with some of my mates. And finally around 11 o’clock-ish, she finally called me, telling me that she’d arrived at my school. And then I called her back to ask about her car blahblahblah until I saw it coming towards me.

Then, SURPRISE!!! She wasn’t alone; she was with Nata, another best friend of mine. WOW, FULL TEAM!!! I was really stupefied for real. They’d bought me a cake which was really nice of them. You two are my best friends forever for sure :’) Then, right after I got inside her car, I blew the candles and after that we just laughed and talked, realising that we haven’t met for quite a looong time. Hmm, we headed to Monez’s house. I don’t know why, but it was more than okay as long as we all could have a nice chat plus her house is near my school; I needed to go back to school to take care some errands later. When we arrived at her house, I blew the candles (again) hahaha and then sliced the cake. Since I’m no good at slicing things up (seriously, no joke) Nata was the one who did the job nicely haha. After that, we ate the cake while laughing our ass off because of our routine stupidly-useless-but-important chitchats and gossips, making fun of each other and such. I missed this moment so much, thank goodness that we just did it again hehe. We stayed in Monez’s house until around 1 pm because I had to be brought back to my school and Monez also had a course after that and also Nata had some errands, too (probably) hahaha. It was ineffably a pleasant afternoon and zillions of thanks to both of you who made my day today 😀

My Birthday Cake

from my best friends, Nata and Monez 😀

Okay, I think that’s just it, the story that I wanna share with y’all. Oh yeah, it’s also an update after my absent from posting things hehehe. Enjoy your day as well as I enjoy mine!

Oh, if you’re curious about my ‘treat’ for you, my mates, just wait and see!!! Because obviously I will 😀

Aldhin xoxoxoxoxoxo

p.s. Mum, Dad, please gimme a Nintendo Wii for my birthday gift :’)


7 Comments on “JUNE 11, 2009”

  1. Ferinda says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALDHINNO, wish you a wonderful age and lovely days 🙂

  2. tsurayya says:

    ehm penasaran gw. ditraktir remed sejarah? haha

  3. gina says:

    jadi hadiah lo kartu kredit apa wii?
    kalo kartu kredit traktir gue portable game dong. jadi pengen gara2 lo nulis wii.

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