Excuse My French

Manohara & Daisy

Manohara kissed by her mum, Daisy

As you know, Manohara Odelia Pinot is the most talk-about person in Indonesia presently. But, there’s one thing that I just found out, today indeed. You may call me uncivilised, unsophisticated or whatsoever later after you read this post. Here, I’m not gonna talk about the issue instead I’m gonna talk about something relatively not so worth-talking hahaha.

Well, her birth name was Manohara Odelia Man since her mum, Daisy Fajarina, married an American man, George Man. Later, she divorced him and married a Frenchman named Reiner Pinot which made Manohara’s last name changed into Pinot (derived from her mother’s following husband).

What I didn’t know was how to pronounce that Pinot name. I thought that it was just like any other ordinary Indonesian names, so I said it normally, Pinot with the t-ending pronounced distinctly. In fact, it is a French name, so it is supposed to be pronounced without the t-ending; it is silenced, you know. So, it should be enunciated merely like Pino, the t-ending is omitted to say the least. See, I didn’t know about this one though she’s totally well-known right now.

What’s in a name, anyways?

Aldhin xx

p.s. I have a perfume of Manohara’s mother, Daisy by Marc Jacobs hehehe, no offence by the way 🙂


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