Okay, today is Sunday, June 14, 2009. And it’s 5.15 PM as I’m typing this post.

Well, today’s theme is ‘workout‘. Why? Well, I started the day by running 1,200 metres in the morning. And you know what? It felt very, very, very, very, very, very far!!! Yeah, I finished it with a time of 9 minutes 27 seconds. Yeah, pretty impressive for myself since I thought that I wouldn’t be able to cross the finish line hahaha. I was totally drained after that and parched of course plus I didn’t bring any kind of drink regrettably 😦 So, during our trip back home, I was damn thirsty.

Alright, we went to my cousins’ house after that because we already had a plan to have lunch together to celebrate my birthday, family-only this time, friends only? Later, but sure I will, just be patient, ‘kay? lol

BUT, before that my cousins went to their regular fitness centre and they had a free pass and they gave the free pass to me which meant I had to go with them. Okay, firstly, I just ran for distance of more than a kilo. Secondly, I was absolutely tired. Lastly, I couldn’t imagine myself doing any kind of exercise after that grueling running that I’d done earlier this morning. I just agreed to join them nonetheless. Let’s just skip the part where I was doing the workout, shall we? The thing is I exercised for an hour and a half more or less, and it turned out not as bad as I had thought at first. It wasn’t torturing or what, it was just fine. Yeah, tired of course, sweaty? Hell yeah, proving that I did it wholeheartedly hehe. Stinky? Nah, that’s nasty lol (to be honest, a bit of that hahaha). Thank you my Teteh’s for giving me the free pass 🙂 Because if you didn’t, I wouldn’t know how it felt hehe.

After the workout, we all eventually met in Plaza Senayan. My Teteh’s and I left Plaza Semanggi at around 12 PM to go to Plaza Senayan to meet my younger sis and my folks. We arrived at 12.30-something and immediately headed to Marché to meet them. Well, the queue was really long, luckily they’d waited there so we just entered it as soon as we arrived there. What I ordered were:

  • The savory crepes like the last time I went there, but this time with sautéed mushrooms filling not the sliced beef ham.
  • Plus, chicken cheese sausage which was very tasty as my main course.
  • Hmm, the dessert that I picked was chocolate mousse.
  • And banana chocolate with something-that-I-forget-its-name cake.
  • Oh yeah, and also this Ice Swiss Gourmet Dark Chocolate.
  • And also this chocolate crepes with mint spread filling and tropical fruits as topping plus chocolate sauce poured over this one. The mint spread did not taste like toothpaste just in case if you’re wondering.
  • And also the caramel ice cream with almonds and raisins.

Splendid, aren’t they? And just like last time, we ordered way too much desserts hahaha. I was blown away by those things. I was overly stuffed just so you know which made the workout I’d done almost unworkable hahaha. Whatever, I love today because it was a wonderful one. Well, tomorrow, I’ve got take the remedial chemistry test plus it will be a deadline for my mathematics’ assholeignment, darn it! Enjoy your day!

Aldhin xx

p.s. My uncle will gimme an iPod Touch for my birthday present. It might not be a big deal for you, but it is a biggie for me.


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