I Wanna Have These …

5. Long Sleeve Stinky Rat Tee Marc by Marc Jacobs

mbmj long sleeve

4. Blackberry Bold or iPhone, either of them will be just fine (I’d be a phoney if I didn’t want those items lol)

Blackberry Bold - iPhone

3. Ben Sherman PU Messenger

ben sherman

2. Sony Vaio Z Series VGN-Z690


1. Nintendo Wii

nintendo wii


6 Comments on “I Wanna Have These …”

  1. Ferinda says:

    aku juga mau punya Wii! ehehehe

  2. icha says:

    Hehehe..emang baju marc jacobnya muat dhin?? Hehehe..BB bold..bosen aah..iphone, check!
    Klo wii maoo!!!

    • Aldhin says:

      muat dong *kalo udh kurus hahaha* pokoknya wii is a must have, tapi nanti si mama ngamuk2 lagi, teteh aja deh yang beli hehehehe

  3. tyapratiwi says:

    Pengen iphone 3gs atau ga macbook pro haha

    • Aldhin says:

      tapi iphone skrg udh kyk nokia aja, cpt banget ngupdate handheld nyaa, jadi agak2 gimana gitu. iya dooonk, macbook pro juga boleh hehehe

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