Yesterday, June 17, 2009, I invited some of my friends to come to my birthday dinner. It was held in Sushi Tei Plaza Senayan. It actually started around 7 PM but some of them came late since traffic in Jakarta was just crazy as usual.

Okay, my folks, my younger sis and I left home slightly before 5 PM and we had no idea that the traffic would be that bad. Fortunately, we could make it in time; we arrived around 6.30 PM in Plaza Senayan. And then, my parents went separate way from my sis and I. Well, after we arrived, my sis and I directly went to Sushi Tei to confirm my reservation just in case there could be something wrong or any else. After that, because it was still 6.30 PM, I decided to go to bookstores to actually check on the magazines I regularly read. Well, I was surprised that both Nylon Guys and GQ had been out by this date, I mean it’s usually out around 20-something each month and it’s still before 20, you know. Okay, then I bought them eventually.

Next, we went back to Sushi Tei and decided to come in since it was already 6.50 PM. While we were waiting, I called my invitees to check them for the last time whether they were really gonna come or not. Most of them were still on their way, but I completely understood that as long as they really did come. Okay the first guest(s) who came were Torik and Thito and then followed byย Afi, Gina, Bambino, Uun, Laras and Buncis respectively. Laras and Buncis were the last ones, totally late without any doubt; they both came when we were already finishing our desserts hahaha. Well, most of them attend the same school as me, only Buncis, my best friend, attends different school from us. Nonetheless, it was no huge deal haha we all still could laugh our ass off hahaha. Zillions of thank yous would not be enough to describe my gratitude to all of you who came, I’m very appreciative of that ๐Ÿ˜€ Just thank you very, very much for coming ๐Ÿ˜€ I absolutely had fun with all of you, talking, laughing, blahblahblah. We stayed there until around 9.45 PM because we kinda felt that it was already closing and then we got out and had no idea what to do because the mall itself was already closing, too. So, yeah, I waited for them until they were picked up home. Umm, I finally went home around 10.45 PM and the lighting had been shut off; just so you know, it was quite scary, the mall at night, so dark; actually had some intentions to break into the stores in it hehehehe *just kidding* I eventually arrived home around 11.30 PM and hit the bed without thinking twice.

birthday dinner @ sushi tei

(clockwise from left: Indah (Buncis), Me, Bambino, Uun, Laras, Torik, Gina, Afi)

My Mum, Buncis and I

My Mum – Buncis – Me

This morning I basically felt as if I were having hangover hahaha. I felt a bit nauseous, but then recovered quickly after breakfast haha. I spent the morning by surfing the net and playing PS2. Oh yeah, speaking of game console, I guess my mother is almost won over by me about the Nintendo Wii thingy, yeah!!! Let the time answer, when she will buy me one ๐Ÿ˜› After lunch, I actually wanted to go to the cinema, but I accidentally fell asleep, So, I took a nap from I-don’t-know-when until 4.30 PM. Just before I wrote this post, I was uploading photos to my facebook profile. Hmm, so no plans for tonight, people! I guess I just stay home and will figure out what I’m gonna do next haha.

Enjoy your day, people ๐Ÿ˜€

Aldhin xx


9 Comments on “Celebration”

  1. gina says:

    yeah we lol’d hard, my ass was almost off. thanks for the great time. next year too, yeah haha.

    dark mall at night is sooo two thumbs up!!!111

    aa gue jadi pengen kroket kentangnya torik, nabeyaki udon (lagi), brownies es krim, sama salmon.

  2. tsurayya says:

    @gina: iya tuh gw juga pengen kroket kentangnya lagi

    @aldhin: makasih ya udah ditebengin, gak nyasar kan pulangnya? hehehe

  3. iedo says:

    aldhin, nice blog! hehe. gw link ya

  4. paw25694 says:

    Oh it’s so fun photographing without me ๐Ÿ™‚

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