New Balls, Please?


This is what I’m gonna be enjoying for the next 14 days

I wish I could go to SW19 to watch LIVE as in before my eyes. Okay, no need to regret since I’ve got TV and I can watch it live too from my room though I believe the feeling will be pricelessly different. And lastly:

!!!GO SHARAPOVA GO!!! she’s been ousted sadly

maria sharapova stretching it in W'don '09

just open her official website to check out more photos of her in this year’s Wimbledon

Well, now I just cheer for the men’s side, Go Soderling Go!

robin soderling

Serve out the match, Soderling!

he’s been ousted too, you know, by Federer

Aldhin xx


2 Comments on “New Balls, Please?”

  1. tsurayya says:

    pertama kali gw liat gambarnya, gw kira lo mau nonton MU di indonesia. sekilas gw liat kayak lapangan bola huahahaha mata gw glaukoma

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