If U Seek Amy

I never ever thought that holiday might get this boring. I mean, yeah everybody wants to have days off once in a while to relax from their hectic daily routines, but in my case I’ve got nothing to do during the time-being, therefore I’d rather to go to school to be honest. Drop dead boring, my current favourite words 😀

It’s been almost two weeks that I’ve basically just stayed home and there are still two weeks left. This is probably the longest holiday ever since I’ve enrolled to this so called strict senior high school of mine. Everyday I go to school and each time I always hope for days off, any kind of days off, I’m always looking forward to it. BUT, IT’S A BIG BUT, right now I’m totally stuffed with this boring holiday of mine. Well, if I have plan to go somewhere, go on a vacation, it will be one perfect holiday of mine. I’m not wishing for something like overseas vacation, I just wanna go out from my house, even if it’s just a mall, shopping centre, I don’t mind, baby.

For these whole two weeks, I mostly spend my day at home; if you don’t believe it, check this out:

8.00 am Wake up

8.05 am Have breakfast

8.20 am Watch TV

9.00 am Turn on my laptop, surf the net and such

11.00 am Watch TV

12.15 pm Have lunch

12.30 pm Either get back to my laptop or play PS2

2.30 pm Take a nap or continue the 12.30 pm doings

4.00 pm Take a bath

4.30 pm Either watch TV or get back to my laptop

5.30 pm Have dinner

6.00 pm Watch Wimbledon LIVE on TV (specific, I know)

1.30 am Sleep (finally)

Frankly, I repeat those boring activities all over again … *sigh* … Okay, maybe boring sounds a little bit dull yet harsh, I should have changed it into words like uninteresting, unexciting, uninspiring, or monotonous, yeah those words sound likely more polite. I may sound like I’m not appreciative of this holiday, but I am, am really thankful for this opportunity that God has given me cause I know sooner or later everything will be at its peak, its hardest.

Okay, back to the story, and also my cellphone is in my range most of the time for quick-updating my emails, twitter and facebook. Plus, if you take a look at the itinerary of mine very carefully, you may already know the fact that I spend almost 9 hours a day to watch TV; I can’t get any dumber than this lol. In other words, it means 37.5% or three-eighth of my day is allocated to that uselessly important ‘errand’ hahaha. Well, I’m not really dumb actually, in fact I’ve found myself a new formula which will probably change the rest of human-being’s live:

TV + Cellphone + Laptop = Current Best Friends For’hols’

I’m really happy though and those activities I’ve been doing reflect it very well as if I weren’t worried about my report card which I will receive this weekend on June 27; the day after tomorrow, isn’t it? Hell yeah, bring it on!

What about your holiday? Enjoy it too, buddy! Why? ‘Cause I’m sure yours is much, much more fabulous than mine 😛

Aldhin xx


4 Comments on “If U Seek Amy”

  1. ravi says:

    aldhin judul postnya parah ya. hahahhaa

  2. gina says:

    gue sih sangat mending liburan yg membosankan daripada sekolah. liburan terakir yg bisa bener2 dinikmatin.
    eh sabtu jam berapa sih.

    • Aldhin says:

      yeah last holiday which really defines definition of holiday, I’m gonna miss these good, boring days *sigh*

      jam 8 – jam 10 bagi rapotnya, deg-degan abis gw

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