I’m wondering what’s wrong with WordPress right now which I just realised. See this figure (click on it to enlarge):


Okay, it may seem okay, nothing wrong, but there’s something wrong actually. Here’s the problem (click on it to enlarge):


See? 0 BLOGGERS?!?! It’s usually thousands bloggers, not just zero. What on earth has happened to it? Is it just my browser or what? Is it gonna affect my blog later? Ohh, tell me if you know something about it! I hope it’s just some silly matter.

Aldhin xx


7 Comments on “Zilch”

  1. tyapratiwi says:

    You’d better move to blogspot!

  2. gina says:

    emang kenapa klo 0 bloggers
    (mampus nih gue besok)

  3. paw25694 says:

    NEVER move to blogspot.

  4. paw25694 says:

    I’d rather use wordpress y’know. Blogspot suckkksssss

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