Well, I know it’s already summer, I know it’s time for box-office movies to have been hitting the cinemas, but you know, I’m just too much a couch potato hahaha, sadly. Okay, as the swap, I still have a television and a DVD player at home so it’s not that fatal to not go to the cinema. Hmm, I’ve been doing TV series finishing-marathon and some films, of course, but only a couple of them which sway me the most. For reminder, I’m not a film critic, so don’t judge my taste of movies that I like, which by the way cheesy, romantic films will do me very well 😀

last chance harvey


Well, I wasn’t really interested in watching this one at first actually, but it’s Mr Hoffman whom we’re talking about. The main point of this film is that many things happen when you least expect it. You know, life is a box of chocolates, it’s full of surprises and also you’ll never know how they taste unless you give your damn shot to try. Plus, London is just too good to be the setting of this movie, seriously I thought that London would just be for one or two scenes in it, in fact for the whole. Two thumbs up!



Honestly, I’d tried to watch this movie twice, but always fell asleep in the middle of it. You know, the plot is a wee-bit boring, there are just too many stories in one theme. However, I made it eventually to finish it, you know when I finally understood how the story really moved. And you know what, I did not realise that ScarJo was in it and when I saw her in the first scenes of it I was like, “Isn’t that Scarlett Johansson? Eww!” But, never mind, I still love this movie. Okay, I watched it with my mum and she said that Bradley Cooper was such a man-whore, womanizer kinda guy in this movie; oh please with his look, I do think so lol, cannot agree more. I’d say this is totally tacky one, but in a good way. The ending, it’s pretty obvious from the beginning like any other cheesy, romantic flicks, but you know with a slight touch of unexpected events in it. The actors are just very familiar with hunks like Ben Affleck, Bradley Crooper, and Kevin Connolly (I won’t consider Justin Long as a hunk, his face’s just too funny to say so) and also with the ladies like Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Aniston, and Scarlett Johansson. Okay, I guess that’s all.

Love your day, folks! Arrivederci 😀

Aldhin xx


2 Comments on “Flick”

  1. 4hautespot says:

    Totally Agree.
    Keep up the good work.

    Add a few more page breaks though- It’s easier on the eyes.

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