There’s No Happily Ever After

The title doesn’t really reflect what I’m trying to show here. Are you ready??? Click here.

Laugh your butt out, folks 😛

Aldhin xx

p.s. The ending of fairy tale stories is not really the ending, ’cause the ugliest is yet to come 😛


4 Comments on “There’s No Happily Ever After”

  1. gina says:

    i object people berating fairy tales :\ (though i can’t care less about those Disney princesses)
    anyway, i don’t get it. what’s up with the pictures?

    side note : i do believe happily ever after lol.

    • Aldhin says:

      C’mon, the pics are just hilarious. open it again and look at em carefully. Well, Rapunzel is actually on chemotherapy so she’s bald (losing all of her very long hair), Cinderella actually loves to get drunk, Belle does plastic surgery to keep her face beautiful, Snow White and her prince charming struggle in their household and also raising their kids. Little Red Riding Hood loves to eat junk food 😛

  2. michelle says:

    idk how but I agree with the title.

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