360° Loop

anderson cooper's book

I want to read it 🙂

I’ve downloaded the Audiobook version, yaay 😀

(FYI, its duration is merely five hours)

p.s. when I’m already finished ‘listening‘ to it, I will write the review. And to be honest, I’ve only finished the first chapter and I’m already moved, touched by Mr Cooper’s writing; he’s a genius!!!


2 Comments on “360° Loop”

  1. haveabreakfast says:

    aldhin, guess who?! we were classmates for two years, and i wear veil. that’s an easy guess, i guess…

    hope we’ll be classmates again! enjoy your book, btw.

  2. Aldhin says:

    hey Gadis!!! you’ve finally made a journal too, haven’t you? welcome to the blogging world 😀

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