Senile High-Up


Sorry that I do not update my blog that often nowadays.

Okay, last Monday was my first day at school and my first time to meet my new classmates. It was just, I don’t know, simply inexpressible to be honest. I’ve gotta tell you that I miss my previous classmates, especially the closest ones. I miss talking to them so bad 😥 I mean, of course yeah, I must settle in with my new classmates, hopefully sooner or later. But, speaking of settling in, I’m a kind of person who’s very introverted believe it or not, I’m not that easy to socialise with anything new. So help me, mates! Just, let time answers, you know 🙂 *finger-crossed* And to my surprise, I’m actually starting to get used to it, yaay hehe 😛

I’m now officially a twelfth grader, senior year. And I just want it to come to an end real fast (the suffering part needless to say). I want to go to college as soon as possible, I want to have a proper job and a totally wonderful life later. And if I could, I mean really if I could, I’d fast forward the time for real; sadly I just cannot do that.

Torture me, Tortured Soul !!!

Aldhin xx


5 Comments on “Senile High-Up”

  1. tsurayya says:

    i miss u too aldhin huhuhu

  2. tyapratiwi says:

    sama lah. Ha! mati kebosanan cuy. ga ada guru = blajar!

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