FB’s Malaise

FB 1

figure 1

FB 2

figure 2

FB 3

figure 3

FB 4

figure 4

FB 5

figure 5

FB 6

figure 6

I got those figures above from my friend via email and I think they are good-laugh for sure, they do me well hahaha 😛 And you can click on each figure to enlarge them! Enjoy!

Aldhin xx


6 Comments on “FB’s Malaise”

  1. gina says:

    ftw yang kedua.

    ‘lagi solat isya (iya bukan sih?) imamnya lama banget baru rakaat kedua nih’
    (Y) Gina Fitria Adita likes this

  2. tsurayya says:

    gw juga mau tuh dikubur di TPU hot spot, TPU paling gaul sedunia. kalau bisa ada muffin gratisnya setiap beli frappucinno di M n’ N cafe (Munkar n’ Nakir cafe)

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