Hello all 🙂

I really cannot tell you much through this post. So little time  so much to do, you know.

Obviously, this week is examination week in my school. So far only English, German, chemistry, Islamiyat, art, mathematics and Japanese have been taken. (I successfully did my trick for Japanese test *grin :D* and surprisingly finished my art exam) So, the remaining science subjects are physics + biology and also mathematics: chapter of definite integral and its application. Phew, just hearing the names already makes me dizzy lol.

On Monday, we’re all Indonesian citizens will have national holiday because of the independence day commemoration. Plus, next weekend Muslims throughout the globe are gonna face Ramadhan month which means we’re gonna do fasting for the whole month. Okay, to be honest, I’m very excited every time this holy month comes each year despite the fact that we are prohibited from eating, drinking and doing any kind of sins. It’s just school finishes faster, real fast during Ramadhan, not to mention pretty long Eid-ul Fitr holiday. Hmm, it’s gonna be lovely, I hope.

Okay, that’s quick update from my daily routines. See you later, guys 🙂

Aldhin xx


2 Comments on “Suspiration”

  1. gina says:

    Metabolism is sooo kicking ass.
    can’t wait for fasting month either. you shall repent, man. lol.

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